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Press & Media

BBC Radio Ulster (radio interview about a barber in the US who punished his boy by giving him an old man's haircut!) 6 February 2015
Dubai Eye Parenting Parenting Panel (radio interview on quiet nights) - 18th November 2014 
The Handy Bump, Baby & You Guide (Article on your baby and toddler) - 10th October 2014 
BBC Radio London Vanessa Feltz Show
(Radio interview on children holidaying with friends instead of parents) - 18th July 2014
Radio BBC Tees
(Radio interview on modern technology and parenting) - 14th July 2014

Premier Radio (Radio interview on co-sleeping) - 3rd July 2014
BBC Radio 5 Live (Radio interview on children drinking water and eating sugar) - 26th June 2014
BBC Radio 5 Live (Radio interview on NUHT parental advice) - 2nd May 2014
BBC Radio London Vanessa Feltz Show (Radio interview about toilet training) - 1st May 2014
BBC Radio 5 Live (Radio interview about toilet training) - 28th April 2014
Woman to Woman (Radio interview on techniques for children sleeping) - 25th April 2014
BBC Radio Mark Forrest Programme (Radio Interview broadcast across all 39 BBC local radio stations about co-sleeping with baby) - 6th February 2014
Made for Mums (Article on controlled crying technique) - 3rd February 2014 
BBC Breakfast (Television Interview) - 29th October 2013
BBC Radio 4 PM (Radio Interview)  - 29th October 2013
BBC West Midlands (Radio Interview)  - 29th October 2013
BBC Coventry (Radio Interview)  - 29th October 2013
Made for Mums  Mom Must Read (Interview on Sleep Solutions) - 16th July 2013
Timeout Dubai (Article on swaddling tips) - 29th April 2013
National Newspaper for Abu Dhabi & Dubai (Article on parenting group sessions) - 5th February 2013
Talk Radio Europe (Radio Interview) - February 2013
98.8 FM Radio with Joan Lea (Radio Interview) - 4th February 2013
Daily Telegraph - Weekend (Article on helping babies sleep through the night) - 4th February 2013
Mail on Sunday (Article on famous mother's using Rachel's sleep solutions) - 2nd February 2013
Radio 2  Steve Wright in the Afternoon (Radio Interview with hints and tips on how to help babies sleep) - 31st January 2013
Charles Adler Radio Show (Radio Interview, Canada) - 29th January 2013
The Independent (Discussion Piece on cuddling and controlled crying)- 29th January 2013
Timeout Dubai (Q & A on sleep solutions for children) - 30th December 2012
Timeout Dubai (Article on effects of over-parenting) - 27th February 2011
Timeout Dubai (Article on Kids and TV) - 29th December 2009
Timeout Dubai (Article on Mum's Behaving Badly) - 31st March 2009
Timeout Dubai (Article with tips for raising toddlers) - 3rd February 2009
Aquarius Magazine (Q & A on how best to deal with toddlers) - 1st February 2009
Daily Telegraph (Article on Gwyneth Paltrow following Rachel's advice and direction) - 31st March 2006
Devon Life (Interview, Downloadable PDF)
Don't Blame Facebook (Television Appearance)
The Observer
Daily Mail
Mother & Baby
Practical Parenting
Time Magazine
BBC Radio 5 Live
LBC Radio
Prima Baby
UCB Radio
Care for the Family

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 baby expert Rachel Waddilove

Praise For Rachel

"Rachel’s flexible yet structured routine was just the thing for our daughter…Rachel’s advice on everything from breastfeeding to parenting was invaluable."
Gwyneth Paltrow

"When I was a brand new mother, I was overwhelmed! Rachel has a calmness, and knowledge about babies and children, that not only helped me soothe and ease the journey for me son, but also for me! Her tips and advice are invaluable."
Minnie Driver

The wisest book about families I have ever read.”
Daily Telegraph

"Rachel is like a calming fairy godmother who brings clarity, happiness and calm to a home seriously lacking in all those things. She provides an unwavering support both in person, on the phone or by email, and I never felt any scrap of judgement on her part. She gives practical advice, and you have real confidence in what she says. Her help as had a life changing impact on myself, my children and my husband. Rachel is, without doubt, superb at what she does." 

“May well be seen as the most sensible book ever written on
how to bring up a baby.”

The Observer

"My daughters are very grateful for the comfort they have already found in Rachel's calm and sensible advice through her very 'readable' and enjoyable book."
Bobby Sutton

"Ethan sleeps through from 7pm until 6.15am now without a peep. I'm so grateful, thank you. I feel strong and in control for the first time in 5 years!!! "

"Rachel Waddilove offers essential advice on the toddler years, on everything from potty training to the all-important sleep!" 
ublishing News 

"I had battled with Olivia (8 months) waking up in the night since we had dropped the 10pm feed two months earlier, but one conversation with Rachel changed all that. Rachel is very confident and informed whilst being very warm and understanding – in one call she gave me the strength to try some controlled crying on my own. She gave me her home and mobile number for support but with her encouragement I tried it and Olivia only took about 20 minutes to settle herself! One call with Rachel is all it took - she is a wonderful lady and I haven’t even met her!!"

"A refreshingly realistic guide to raising toddlers."
The Daily Telegraph

"I was so lucky to find Rachel who is the most fantastic baby sleep expert. She helped me so much with her calm and sensible approach. Within a week William was sleeping through the night and since then we haven’t looked back!  She restored my sanity and we now all feel refreshed in the mornings after a great night’s sleep! "  Claire