State of the Map 2013

the OpenStreetMap event: 6-8 September 2013

— Mar 2, 2014

Six months on from SotM 2013

It's been 6 months since State of the Map 2013 in Birmingham. What's changed and how are you getting on with your pledges. Click to read on...

— Jan 25, 2014

SotM 2014 and local events

Read on to find out where SotM 2014 will be held, in addition to local SotM events...

— Nov 12, 2013

Upcoming changes to website

At State of the Map US in June, Saman Bemel Benrud presented a vision for a redesign of the OpenStreetMap website. Three months later John Firebaugh presented an update to the initial vision at State of the Map 2013. What has changed and what have we learned?

— Nov 9, 2013

The work of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

At State of the Map 2013 we heard all about the work of OSM Foundation Working Groups. If you missed it here is your chance to catch up with the live recording.

— Oct 14, 2013

From 2011 to 2013: A new OpenStreetMap logo

If you attended State of the Map 2013 then you would have picked up a bright yellow bag with the OpenStreetMap logo on it. The eagle-eyed delegate may have realised that this was a slightly different logo than normal...

— Sep 30, 2013

Changing the Ratio: OpenStreetMap Community Diversity at SotM 2013

Maps have a peculiar ability to act as a stage for shared concerns, as catalysts and connectors for a wide range of interests. In this guest post Martin Dittus explores the diversity within the OpenStreetMap community.

— Sep 22, 2013

State of the Map hackday

On the Monday following State of the Map 2013 we held an OpenStreetMap hackday at Innovation Birmingham's nearby Faraday Wharf building; a flagship office building for Entrepreneurs, SME’s and growing businesses. Read more...

— Sep 15, 2013

And the winner is...

In the run up to State of the Map 2013 we launched a photo competition. We were looking for the most unusual sign/object/situation observed whilst out mapping. We received some wonderful entries...

— Sep 13, 2013

Must see moments of SotM 2013

This time last week we were one day into the State of the Map 2013 conference, looking forward to a weekend of presentations, lightning talks, breakout discussions and, of course, ...

— Sep 7, 2013

Your pledge to OpenStreetMap

Here at State of the Map 2013 we have a large pledge wall poster in the Tea/Coffee room. Mostly blank except for the words “I pledge... between now and next year's SotM!”, delegates are encouraged to write their pledge to OSM on the poster. Read more...

— Sep 5, 2013

It Begins

arrival day

— Sep 3, 2013

A virtual SOTM?

The annual State of the Map conference is just round the corner and as the organising team we are super excited. But what if you cannot make it over to Birmingham, UK, to join in the fun. Read on for an ideal solution from Nepal...