RCS Communication Solutions is a telecommunication consultancy company that adds value to the customer through the use of staff experience and skill set where the customer does not have the required resources and knowledge within the company.

RCS has been engaged for the following projects:

  • Contract negotiations for service and equipment maintenance contracts
  • To give advise on communication investment and "sanity check" their decision process
  • Analysing the outcomes of RFP's across all services
  • Assist in implementing contestability
  • Analysing and creating discussion reports on how new technologies may be implemented and what effect this would have from a technical aspect along with the financial impact
  • Auditing of communications
  • Developing technology plans to align with the business strategies
  • Investigating handheld hardware options for a GPS system.
  • Interviewing end users to gain an understanding of communications requirements.
  • To gain an understanding of communications services and associated costs.

Our aim is to work with the customer and empower them with the knowledge to be able to make well informed decisions

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