Peggy Brennan. Healer, therapist.
Shamanic Practitioner. Therapeutic Listener. 
Musician. Multi-media Artist. Event Producer & Promoter.
Call with questions or to schedule a session. (301)728-4071

Specialty:  Personal Empowerment Song
After an initiatory dialogue, I journey to spirit realms and my allies and I release
your energy blockage, 
retrieve lost soul parts, and acquire a song that is yours. A brand
new melody comes every time we do this, with lyrics that are yours, gifted by your
helping spiritual allies. These songs are soothing, encouraging, and will be your personal affirmation.
No less than 2 separate sessions, at your home or my healing room in Takoma Park. $235 negotiable
No, I do not paint my face for shamanic healing.

"Peggy's listening and my healing ceremony giving me my medicine song has been incredivly powerful for me!" - Barbara Dickey Davis, Bliss Coach

Other shamanic services:
Curse unravelling.

Energy blockage.
House/place clearing.
Soul retrieval.
Release, Restore, Renew.

Therapeutic Listener. Shamanic Practitioner. Musician. Multi-media Artist. Event Producer & Promoter. 

You are invited to hire my workshop about "Woven Song: Weaving Song Harmonically with a Group" .
Price to be discussed. I held it successfully June 13th, 2014 at Free Spirit Gathering and have done the song
weaving in countless spiritual circles.
The circle will sing Pagan chant-style songs, and we will learn how to relax our voices and creativity into the song,
to make a choral arrangement. The goal is musical fun. You will be shown how to find harmonies and cascading rhythms (like singing in rounds). If you have simple chants (originals are best! Even one single lyric with a
melody!), please bring them, and we might
 have time to sing yours.

The more voices, the better, and tone-deaf folks are welcome. (It provides the drone, like on a sitar—and
you will not be singled out.) Bring drinking water to keep your throat lubricated. Quiet percussive instruments
are welcome (not drums of any kind, but rattles, shakers, wood blocks, etc)

Get ready to feel transformed as you become musical magic! Recording devices are welcome.This is a skill and practice that you will want to take home to your community. Many circles/covens/churches/groups of friends have already been doing this for eons, and when done with intention, spiritual Woven Song is truly transformative. 
I also pour SWEAT CEREMONIES, sometimes called sweat lodges.
My pouring is truly a calling, as is shamanism, as is therapeutic listening.
Hopefully soon there will be ongoing sweats for the public, so stay tuned.
I will be offering shamanic healing to the public soon, but not quite yet.

Below are some archives of past links and thoughts. Life is a trip, isn't it…
Currently it seems that I'm living inside of a music festival. That part is awesome. When I first began attending festivals , it was a dream, that the atmosphere/vibe could carry forth and continue into my quotidien world. I have finally achieved that. Sober, grounded, social, solvent, physically healing...   how do I live inside a festival?
~~Part of how is some solvency that doesn't rely on selling my artwork (money "issues" abound, but I also consider living cheaply to be sacred, truly). 
~~This is one of my workplaces: 
House of Musical Traditions
Here's another: Enjoy Sudoku .  {NOTE: I am no longer emplyed there.}

I sometimes have other paying work.

I've got some choices to make at the moment. Inherently a musician, I also make performance art, visual art, poetry, crafts, facilitate community events, and more. Plus, I am pretty strong at promotion, and I keep "filling the room". What's next? <editor's note: This was written before Takoma Cabaret began.>

One thing will be to share some more artwork on here (last year I made an ecological art installation in a gallery, and put on several *perfart* pieces - I'm gonna share that on here more!) I would also like this site be much more. Keep coming back!
~~Some links you'll really like:
~~Takoma Spark's Facebook page. Photo by Stephen Rosenberg.
~~ Takoma Park Open Mic's Facebook page. {Editor's note: sadly, both TPOM & TSpark are gone.}
~~My new neighbor and friend Hillary Banachowski's excellent business, Sacred Roots' Facebook page.

~~Here's our friend & neighbor Katy Gaughan's Music Heals Us website. She is also part of the incredible band Djesben to which I trance-dance.
~~Katy's lifetime beloved is John Kadlecik, a profound musician who has rejuvenated the Dead remains with the band Furthur
~~Here's some clean and sober concert-goers that provide some traction in a slippery (want stories?) environment:   Wharf_Rat
 ~~And here - test yourself. Can you make the right choices living inside a festival? How long will you play with this? Make it be just the right amount. Join me in the festivities. 

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