[fall mod] Sabre and 4-4-2

4 out of 4 of my fall mods pack for GTA San Andreas

my longest running car mod, since October 2008, and the car on where my user name came from... "Sabre"
the vehicle is no doubt, a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass/4-4-2 with 1972 tail light lenses
handling lines included


[fall mod] Impaler

3 out of 4 of my fall mods pack for GTA San Andreas

not much to say about this car, other than the fact that it's just a polished up Savanna with three new paintjobs i whipped up in "like 2 seconds", also has tuning parts included

as it's name (Impaler) suggests, it's a Chevrolet Impala (crossed from 1963 and '64), a very popular lowrider


[fall mod] Dynamic HH

2 out of 4 of my fall mods pack for GTA San Andreas

this vehicle mod replaces the Voodoo
bears striking resemblance to a 1961 Oldsmobile Dynamic eighty eight
with late 60's five spoke mags on it


[fall mod] Century and Majestic

1 out of 4 of my fall mods pack for GTA San Andreas
from this point on, i'm pretty much gonna retire from posting mods, since my ideas are dry and my cars are getting repetitive as you might have noticed...

Century and Majestic
both are Buick cars no doubt


Buick Century --- Nebula
Buick Regal --- Majestic

DMD Regina (3 pack)

(EDIT) updated the handling line on the police version

the Regina, now available in three forms: Sedan, Wagon, and police car
the vehicle is pretty much overall, generic 1980's full size american sedan

handling lines included

Khord ThunderWing

Just a fortune with upped detail, not really much to talk about this car, other than polishing it up with details

resembles a 1992 Ford Thunderbird
handling line included

screens of the vehicle:
recomended tools to use for installation:

GGMM (Gta Garage Mod Manager)
Alci's IMG editor
TXD workshop 4.0

Drago-Baron revision

The Cute Spyro based Dragons return with 2 new variations,
Bipe Dragon (two color versions), and the Super Baron


> 7 versions... 5 dragons, 2 aeroplanes
> original RcBaron got a increased detail facelift
> Handling Lines included! (the main part on what makes these little guys fun to fly)


Custom Handling Lines included that you MUST try out on these little guys
the handling lines are what makes them fun to fly

GL Super Pack "super size" Deluxe

compilation: deleted the existing files to this mod to post this new all in one deluxe pack.

includes four versions of her.
her mouth is accessible by jetpack (ROCKETMAN)

(optional features)
handling lines included!! try them out at your own risk (they're super fast).

in order for these handling lines to take proper effect in game,
you need m0d_sa (s0beit) to turn on a patch to "remove speed/height limits for all aircraft".

Century Gran Sport Tunable

This car bears strong reference to the 1970 Buick Gran Sport.
vehicle modeled after the 1986 - 1992 Buick Century

> 3 paintjobs, template included (you can make your own paintjobs etc...)
> fully tunable (body kits etc...)
> custom handling line optional

Alci's IMG editor is highly recommended to use when installing the tuning parts for this car !


mod (c) to Sabre471 -- "Jeff the Dragon" (
(OO[==] | [==]OO)

three cute little spyro-based dragons, plus one biplane with changeable color combinations.

custom handling lines included!

replaces the rcbaron (you'll need some third party trainer/or cleo script to spawn and fly them)
additional screen shots

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