GTAVC skins

Jack the Robber

I guess the name is supposed to be derived from Jack the Ripper. If you feel like walking around in one of these face masks all the time, this is a good skin to have.

Reckless Driver

Get your beach shirt, all the locals wear them!

Tommy Schumaker

Ferrari race suit anyone?


Finally he's come up with a name that's not 'Tommy something'! Not bad.


Tommy in GAP

Tommy wears GAP. No idea why...

Tommy in Nike

Tommy wears Nike, kids. Just Do It (kill the gangster enemy).

Athlete Tommy

Tommy gets fit.

Tracksuit Tommy


Solid Tommy

This makes Tommy look... well, like the name states, solid. Nice skin I think. Zain was referred to us by Shehroz, cheers mate.


Gta3 Player

Its a pretty good conversion of the face of the GTA3 guy over to VC, and also has some pretty cool changes. Nice job!

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