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In the Opel press Rekord to replay a sprinted fragment C

The oh so glorious Rekord by Toshiba.Yes, from scratch this time Mr. Mindless.Got to get to his page number 8 for this car! Wooo..**********TTR

Bel me when i'm in the Air! *dutch wordjoke*

May i present here to you my latest car! All done in 3D Studio Max 8 almost all handmade textures Well whats keeping you? download!

Thats Stiffy!?

Ooh! I had the StiffShifter 2 on the same cd as all the other cars all along! hehe..Go and grabbin' it, its at Freddy's cars page 3!Not only i bring you the last lost car, ive also got Seduction of Destruction version 4 to share with you!Which you can find here -->Hit me!Enjoy!***********TTR


Freddy asked for a place holder of all his stuff, so here we go then! I've uploaded all his stuff we could get together.It just misses the StiffShifter 2, so if anyone has it i urge you to send me (TTR) a message/e-mail! The picture that is shown is Freddy's DoomTrain which you can get at his car pages respectively..In the map section you'll find his DirtTrack map!

Warthog Car-lamity!

Haha! They get better everytime! - ok, maybe not ... Anyway, this is an important post here with 3, yes THREE crashday items. One of them is an update for Xoliul's Escudo release, which fixes a few bugs that were certainly annoying me The car is a lot sharper looking now, and the image on the wing is right orientation

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