GTAVC cars

Last V8 Interceptor

Very nice model, check out some 3d renders here



73 Ford Falcon XBGT, Interceptor version


Big Bopper

73 Ford Falcon XBGT


Piaggio NRG MC3

A modded version of the original scooter.


67 Shelby GT500

"This model is the original model used for building Eleanor, the car used in Gone in 60 seconds. There are two different versions of the car, one with a new front bumper and two more air intakes on the hood. You can find both of them in the game, some will have the second front bumper, some others not."


Shelby GT500E

Everyone knows Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds. Here it is, with various colours (yes, that does include the colours from the film!) Download it now!

Ducati 996

This is a fantastic first VC bike! It replaces the PGC600. Read in the readme for installation instructions! Check out more of Ganjica's stuff here.

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