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Revived rm's old post so these are not lost! -LJ

Major MAJOR thanks to Ani for scanning this... It's a 3 page article - all about carmageddon, in this months PCZone, a British gaming magazine. (For those who might wanna buy it) - anyway, it's got comments about the making of Carmageddon by Patrick Buckland (Yes, the hairy dude from Stainless Games) - It even reveals details on how they got the footage for the pratcam, and for the peds :D

Proper design

Version 7 is reborn! Well you could say that version 6 is reborn, but we did all get so used to that design so.. its had a few tweaks and now is back in business. Next up: new content. Watch this space...

Design changes coming

Ok so the current design seems to be too light for people. A better design was on the cards but it has been moved forward now. I am working on it. Toshiba-3 mentions the loss of author pages. This has now been optimised in the navigation, however you can still find all content by one author by clicking their name anywhere you find it. I can put a list of authors somewhere if you want, or a dropdown box? Comments please. (Please log in to comment)
EDIT: dropdown box added, but needs to be refined

New features

I have now added three new features to the site: comments, contact and latest files. Use comments to have your say on any content posted on the site (main page posts, submitted files, tutorials, etc). The link for contact is in the top right and can be used to contact the TSS team (currently myself, any applicants?). Latest files shows a listing of the 6 newest submissions to TSS.

TSS upgrade

Hello everyone, well its been quite some time since TSS has seen an update. The reason for that is that the old system was no longer functional, so the site has been ported over to this new system. You will notice that none of the links in the main page stories are functional, so the only way to get to all the files and data is through the menu system.

Please see a future update for information on the new interactivity of this site.

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