The Car

I don't know if any of you will remember the film "The Car". I certainly don't. However, after hanging about places that like cars being used for destruction, you quickly learn that this is a bad ass car. Xoliul has certainly done an awesome job of getting it in crashday. His first completely scratch made car for Crashday too! Which is pretty good going. Lovely handling, grab now smile.gif



You know Halo, everyone knows Halo. Did you also know that Chief enjoys crashing into other cars in the warthog? - Well if you didn't, now you do! It doesn't handle quite like the Halo version, but that's not a bad thing, I had fun testing this grin.gif
Converted from Halo by Apex, then handed to Xoliul to put into Crashday


Acura RSX

Xoliul's 2nd release for Crashday is this beautiful Acura RSX (That's Honda RSX, for us normal people). The car is converted over from "Need for Speed: Underground", so it has a load of modparts for it, and an extra set at the request of RaveX that gives it Honda badges and the like wink.gif
Grab it now!


Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak

You all remember the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak, made famous for being THE car to have in Gran Turismo. Well now it makes an appearance in Crashday! Built by _Mr_K_ for Vice City and converted over to Crashday by Xoliul, the car features detachables, vinyls, and custom engine sounds, combining to give it more grunt than Ron Jeremy on crack. Extract the zip to the Crashday main folder and then buy in Career mode.
Updated: 28th May, 2006


Eagle MK1

My first car for Crashday! OK - it's a conversion of Econobrick's /awesome/ remake of the classic Eagle from Carmageddon 1, but it's a start!

Features many detachables, modpieces, and 2 vinyls - one from myself and one from SmashD.

Download, crash, and enjoy this classic


The Fun House

Of all the places to build an arena, they built it on the bumpiest bit of land they could find... No wonder the place is strewn with wrecked cars. One can only guess how the exploding barrels got there...

A pretty neat arena... something the crashday original tracks lack erm.gif

Pass The Bomb
Wrecking Mode


Hilly as Fuck

A large grassy layout with lots of hills that incite me to seriously recommend off-road suspension! Lots of fun, mind you smile.gif


Bomb Race
Hold the Flag



My first crashday vinyl/skin. This one was mostly a test when the demo was out, to see what could be done, but I quite liked it and decided I'd release it to you folks. The white part is the skin, the green part is the colour-changable bit. The readme included will tell you how to install it (If you get stuck, try following the paperwork part of my "creating vinyls" tutorial)

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