TDR skins

Multicolour TestCar

A spotty multi-coloured skin by El Barto, for Beroc's testcar

Hiper Burn

well now this is by far my best flame job for any car i've skinned EVER! so download and enjoy also, this car can be found at: DTD



The last in the small series of skins for the Camaro concept. In my opinion, this is the best of them... it's kinda like a combo of the best bits of the two above smile.gif



The next skin for Beroc's Camaro concept. Nice black skin with flames, similar to above, but hotter smile.gif


Apex Ice

The first in a small series of skins by Apex for Beroc's Camaro concept


Inferno 2

A skin for Beroc's Viper. Looks damn good! One of Apex' best so far, for sure


Sperrow Head

A skin for Beroc's RADillac

G Pod

A dark skin for the Green Hammer (One of the original cars in TDR)


Deep Blue

Yet another skin for TDA's 'Master of Disaster' - Here, I was messing about with colour shades and couldn't let this one slip. Dark blue, especially near the grill, seems to be made for this vehicle smile.gif Enjoy...



Cream and purple, for a monster truck? - not the most deadly of skins for such a vehicle, but it looks nice smile.gif

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