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Merry Early Xmas!

A merry Xmas and a happy new year to everyone! Yeah i know i'm early but Alex couldn't keep this on hold any longer (which i don't mind at all )**********TTR

The Cockroach that ate Cincinnati!

Yeah, you can all than Turbo from the 4x4 Evolution 2 community for this one. He gave me the idea, inadvertently. But, I think you all might enjoy this wee beasty. Have fun!!!

Are you evil?

If so, you'll LOVE this overpowered vehicular monstrosity! Check it out on my 8th page of vehicles. It was just a quicky & it IS overly powerful. But, that is what I was after. Besides, isn't death & destruction supposed to go hand-in-hand with EVIL?


Hey folks! Sorry about the downtime there, was some server-migration issues, but all seems to be sorted now.that is all--rm

Poisoness Venom!

Great great great great great awesome big utter fat freakin bitchy CAR!"In medicine (particularly veterinary) and in zoology, a poison is often distinguished from a venom. Venoms are usually defined as biologic toxins that are injected to cause their effect, while poisons are generally defined as toxins which are absorbed through epithelial linings such as the skin or gut."And right they are, see those bumpers, omfg!KTHXBYE

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