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Please note that due to the number of users signing up for this site purely for the purposes of posting spam comments, all comments are now moderated. If you're signing up for this purpose, don't bother as it won't get you anywhere. Thanks.

New users

It occurs to me that quite a few people have been registering on this site recently. This allows you to post comments on the files and other content here. However, if you wish to upload files (as some users already are) you will need to request upload permissions using the site contact form, which can be found in the navigation pane. Any problems with that just drop a comment here.

New section: GTA: San Andreas cars

TSS has received its first file submissions in a long time! You can now find a section for San Andreas cars in the GTA section of the menu. We have a few contributions but welcome more, for this or any other game. For now take a look at the new cars!

Ruin Nation

Ruin Nation has been moved, you can now find it with a permanent link in the navigation. As mentioned, Toshiba-3's files have been removed, please find them over at RR2000. You can expect a few more files to arrive on TSS over the next few weeks, so make sure you check back.


Do we need a forum here? Is there anything else functionality-wise that is needed? Are there any files missing.. I know that a couple of the large files have broken links, those were the ones that could not be migrated easily. Delta Labs and SoD for example. Will have to fix that... but anything else missing/lost that was useful?
EDIT: it is noted that Ruin Nation is missing. Also forums are not needed, we have enough of those. Agreed. Toshiba-3's files are soon to leave TSS, find them at his site instead.

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