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Once a year - or more often if you're inclined - take a look at your at your investments are allocated and make sure you're in balance. Currently, your stock allocation may be down and your bonds up. This calls for rebalancing by selling some bonds and putting the money in stocks. I understand that this is hard to do, especially now with stocks in free fall. But, if your investment horizon is five, 10 or 15 years out, the market is likely to recover.

If you've got less than five years until you have to pay tuition, retire or buy the Corvette, you should be moving now to more conservative investments. property valuation combine attributes, together with recent comparable sales in the surrounding area. That doesn't mean cashing in all of your stocks right now. Sell some on up days. Remember, if you're retiring you'll need to keep some of your money in stocks to get the long-term growth you'll need over the coming 25 years or so.

If the first tuition bill is due in August, you're looking at a span of four or more years of paying tuition. You should have the cash for year one now, some or all of the cash for year two, and be well along planning how you're going to raise the cash for the other years. You don't need to have all four years in cash at the outset. When it comes to investing, remember that no one, not Alan Greenspan, not Warren Buffett, not even Abby Joseph Cohen knows when the market will hit bottom or top. So don't try to time things - it's time in the market, not market timing, that counts.

Until the market turns up, take advantage of the sale on Wall Street and invest a little each month. If you're buying mutual funds or stock, your dollars are now buying more shares. This is called dollar-cost averaging. Make sure you're diversified. Do you have bonds or a bond fund? Growth stocks for growth stock funds? Value stocks or value funds? Do you have some money in international funds?

If you're truly diversified, you'll find that overall the drop in stock prices since March 10, 2000 has been painful, but not as painful as if you'd had all your eggs in one basket. ''Wall Street on Sale!'' is the theme for the 11th annual Investors Fair sponsored by the OKI Tri-State Chapter of the National Association of Investors Corporation on April 21 at the Sharonville Convention Center.