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To: Moritz Beutel
Subject: Re: Leaving Delphi
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Re: Leaving Delphi

Moritz Beutel wrote:

> Hello,
> Allen Bauer wrote:
> > I don't think you meant it that way, but uh... so we, who create
> > Delphi, are not real Delphi developers?
> that totally depends on the ultimate question: Is Delphi actually
> written in Delphi?

"Delphi" is far, far more than just the compiler. It is a whole
product, and given that at least 80% is written in Delphi... *someone*
on the team must have been (and continues to be) a "real" Delphi

> (On a related note, in this historical discussion you mentioned that
> "the 32bit Pascal compiler was an existing codebase that was purchased
> along with hiring the original author." I wonder who that was? And
> from which product's codebase did today's DCC evolve?)

It was originally from an Amiga 68000 32bit compiler written in "C"
(not C++) by Peter Sollich. Before that, the 16bit compiler was written
by Anders Hejlsberh all in assembler. I've worked extensively on both.

-- Allen Bauer Embarcadero Chief Scientist

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