Vamoosh© Carpet & Fabric Stain Remover.

Vamoosh© has been developed by some of the best carpet & fabric stain removals specialists in the UK.
It simply lifts and separates soiling from carpets & fabrics without the use of any harsh chemicals.

It is enzyme free with no detergents, it’s odourless, it has no optical brighteners, ammonia or bleaching agents,
it contains no harmful solvents and is safe to use on the most delicate fabrics, rugs and carpets.

Vamoosh is available via this web site: Click here to order yours.

   Vamoosh© removes:

Blood Stains, Urine Stains, Sweat stains, Faecal stains, Curry Sauce stains, Ketchup stains, Bolognese and red wine sauce stains, Tea stains, Coffee stains, Beetroot stains, Fruit juice stains, Wine stains, Port stains, Milk stains, Olive oil stains, Chewing gum stains, Mascara stains, Make-up foundation stains, Lipstick stains, Vomit and bile stains, Felt pen stains, Biro stains, Ink stains, Grass stains, Mud stains, Wax stains, Flower pollen stains, Tree sap stains, Sticky label residue, Shoe Polish stains, Glue stains, Soot and Coal stains, Motor Oil stains, Tar and bitumen stains and Axle Grease stains. Plus many, many more stains from carpets and fabrics.
How does it work?
Simply spray a little Vamoosh onto your stain and gently work it into the fibres. Use a white terry towel or kitchen roll to soak up and remove the stain. It really is as simple as that. (always check on an inconspicuous area before use, we haven't found a fabric that can be harmed but you never know! if you do find any colour loss please let us know)


  Vamoosh has been extensively
independently safety checked.

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