The importance of choosing above par IT outsourcing services.

Too often, small to mid-sized businesses choose the wrong IT outsourcing services provider … and employee productivity begins to suffer. If you went with a large computer network support firm, chances are you’ve been lost in the crowd. There are larger companies with supposedly bigger IT problems ahead of you. But you need help now. So, how do you choose the best IT outsourcing services provider for your company from the get go? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure there is more than one person on the staff. Now, this may sound like a given, but if you do happen to go with a small Mom and Pop company, you may experience less than stellar customer service. After all, there will be other customers in need of computer network support just like you, and you certainly don’t want to rely on just one guy to run around from business to business.
  • Get a feel for the staff’s IT knowledge. How do you feel it stacks up in comparison to other IT providers you’ve spoken with? Does the company have the capabilities to offer you undivided attention and support if a situation arises?
  • Check the prices. Is the IT provider charging you a reasonable amount or does it amount to highway robbery? Evaluate the provider’s prices against the services you are receiving.

When it comes to computer network support, experience is a must.

Downtime is a huge issue and frequently costs many businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis. And what’s more, downtime equates to lost clients. If they can’t reach you, then the transaction won’t happen. When it comes to choosing IT outsourcing services, you have a lot of options. Don’t trust your computer network support to just anyone. Rely on Thought Streams to offer above par, customer-focused IT solutions. And because we’ve been in business since 2001, you know you’re getting a reliable, knowledgeable partner – contact us for details on our IT outsourcing services.