March 4, 2015, 9:31 a.m.

Schrodinger's Bodyguard

In response to my post “Emotional Illusion”, Student Hoboonatrain Jake commented:

Quantum theory says that all possibilities are inherent in the form. It is only when we make the observation that the possibilities collapse into one form. If we can reevaluate our initial impression often we can change how things look. Or seem.

In one of life’s beautiful synchronicities, this comment reminded me of an article I read earlier this week. Light is capable of embodying both wave and particle forms at once, and researchers have finally imaged this quantum wave-particle duality. Like the infamously paradoxical “Schrödinger's Cat” thought experiment, the simultaneous superposition of potential outcomes coexists until the moment of action or observation.

This duality applies to more than my evolving relationship with the man who is both a cowardly murderer, and my childhood protector. It is the reconciliation of these dualities that lies at the heart of the Ancient Truth.

As we have studied from the very beginning, each of the 12 Ancient lines had a shining Truth that has endured, and a crushing flaw that ended their reign. It is not for us to take one at the exclusion of the other. We must value both in context of the other.

The dark past of Pinstripe can now help me better understand the real John Threadgill.

I firmly believe that only through the hard-earned harmony of these dual pairs can the one Truth be found. Throughout my life, this has been proven to me. Over and over again, from the micro to the macro. From the betrayal of a man I’ve trusted my whole life, to the scrawlings on an ancient Mu tablet.

From quantum wave-particles, to the larger movements of my life … all is one.