DMSO - Chlorine Dioxide Protocol For Cancer

(Overnight Cure For Cancer - Version 7)


DMSO-Chlorine Dioxide Protocol For Cancer

by R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Chapter 2: The Elements of This Protocol
Chapter 3: The Implementation of the Protocol

FDA and ICRF Disclaimer

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Critical Warnings

Advanced cancer patients should NOT use this treatment except as a supplemental protocol!!

While this protocol is exceptionally safe and easy to use, it is first necessary to deal with situations where this protocol may not be the best choice

WARNING: Age and Size Restrictions

Children under the age of 12 should not use this treatment. The doses in this treatment are designed for a person who weighs 130 pounds or above. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, then take proportionately lower doses every hour.

WARNING: Certain Nutrients Can Neutralized By This Treatment

This protocol should NOT be used with: multi-vitamin supplements, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, immune builders, or any other supplement which contains anti-oxidants. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant and can neutralize these anti-oxidants.

To avoid any problems of anti-oxidants being neutralized (chlorine dioxide will be unaffected) do not take any anti-oxidant within one hour BEFORE the chlorine dioxide and one hour AFTER the chlorine dioxide.

WARNING: Do NOT Use This Treatment With Prescription Drugs

The DMSO in this treatment may enhance the effectiveness of prescription drugs, thus the cancer patient may effectively overdose on their prescription drugs. Use this treatment with prescription drugs with caution and close observation. Try to take all prescription drugs at least one hour after the end of the daily twelve hour protocol.

Do NOT use this protocol with aspirin or any other blood thinner.

Warning For Women Who Are, or Who Might Be, or Who Might Become Pregnant

Women who are pregnant, might be pregnant, might become pregnant, or are nursing, should NOT take this treatment - period!! The affect on an unborn fetus could be fatal to the fetus due to the high doses of chlorine dioxide in this treatment combined with the extremely low weight of the fetus!! In addition, fetus have many undifferentiated cells and this treatment will TARGET cancer cells (because of the DMSO), which are also undifferentiated!! Thus, this treatment may inadvertantly target undifferentiated fetal cells and cause death to the fetus or cause birth defects!!!!



This treatment is not designed to shrink tumors, so if any tumors are in dangerous locations (such as they are pressing on the bile duct) do not use this treatment. Seek medical help and use one of the treatments which shrinks tumors, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol or Overnight Cure For Cancer.

Also, if the patient has swelling in their brain, or any other dangerous condition, seek medical help immediately.

Chapter 1: Overview of the DMSO - Chlorine Dioxide Protocol

The main reason for researching this treatment is that it is very, very inexpensive. Many people who have had extensive orthodox cancer treatments have virtually no money for alternative cancer treatments. Thus, inexpensive, yet highly effective, cancer treatments need to be developed.

But there is a second reason for researching this protocol which is even more important. Some of the "alternative cancer treatments" which are commonly used do not actually "cure" cancer. What they do is supercharge the body with nutrients. Doing this keeps the patient alive, which is fantastic, but the treatment may not "cure" the cancer. For example, these treatments energize the cancer cells which in turn largely negates their damaging affect on the human body.

While it is absolutely critical to keep the patient alive, eventually the cancer cells must be removed. That is what this article is all about - gently, safely and quickly reverting cancer cells into normal cells!!

Yes, that is not a misprint. The goal of this protocol is to revert cancer cells into normal cells. Once the reader understands what causes cancer in the first place, they will understand that cancer cells can be reverted into normal cells.

This has a lot of advantages over killing the cancer cells. By reverting them into normal cells the treatment creates far less debris and toxins created by dead cancer cells. Thus, this treatment can work much, much faster than normal cancer treatments. And there are other major benefits to reverting the cancer cells into normal cells.

This is a "research cancer treatment," meaning it has already been proven to be totally safe. It also means that we at the ICRF want to communicate with anyone who is using this protocol. The email address of Board Members of the ICRF are rarely given out, but for this protocol the email address of Webster Kehr (who wrote this article) is linked to at the bottom of Chapter 3. I want to hear from you if you are thinking about using this protocol and I will be happy to work with you by email or in some cases telephone - for free!!! That is how anxious I am to see the effectiveness of this protocol.

Actually, the Overnight Cure for Cancer has been proven to be very effective. The OCC consists of two treatments, the DMSO / Chlorine Dioxide protocol (this protocol) and the DMSO / Colloidal Silver protocol.

The goal of this protocol is to create a protocol which is just as effective as the OCC but not nearly as intense. In other words, the purpose of this protocol is to create a "gentle OCC."

This protocol is completely safe and is based on very solid cancer theory. I have personally used much, much higher doses of DMSO on myself than are used in this protocol. Chlorine dioxide has been used by thousands of people using higher doses than this article recommends.

Before understanding how this protocol is designed to cure cancer, it is first necessary to understand why a cell is cancerous?

Cancer Theory Section

What Causes Cancer?

What causes cancer? Most people believe that it is DNA damage that causes cancer. While in rare situations, DNA can have a negative affect on a person's immune system, DNA normally has absolutely nothing to do with the development of cancer.

The fact is that cancer is caused by a special type of microbe which gets inside of normal cells and turns the cells cancerous (or an already cancerous cell divides and creates two cells with microbes inside of them).

Actually, everyone has cancer cells forming in their body at all times. The immune system generally safely kills them. Thus, a weakened immune system, and many other things, can allow cancer cells to overcome the immune system. But the actual formation of cancer cells is exclusively caused by microbes which get inside of normal cells.

Dr. Royal Rife did an enormous amount of research into the relationship between microbes and cancer in the 1930s. He would inject mice with a virus and in 100% of the cases the mice would get cancer.

Dr. Rife proposed a cure for cancer which did nothing but kill these viruses. His cure was 100% successful. However, note that his cure had no intention of killing cancer cells or fixing DNA (which had not been discovered in the 1930s); its only goal was to kill microbes inside the cancer cells. Once the microbes inside the cancer cells were dead the cancer cells were able to revert back into normal, differentiated cells.

Dr. Rife was well aware that the critial microbes which needed to be killed were inside the cancer cells. The electromedicine device he used killed microbes inside and outside of cancer cells.

Almost all natural substances do not normally get inside of cells, thus it is almost impossible for natural substances to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. Natural substances can kill cancer cells and build the immune system, but they generally cannot kill microbes inside the cancer cells.

So how do microbes cause cancer? I will quickly give you a thumbnail version.

The energy of a cell comes from molecules called: ATP molecules. ATP molecules are made inside the mitochondria by two chemical chain reactions: first the Krebs Cycle (i.e. Citric Acid Cycle) and as a spin-off of the Krebs Cycle: the Electron Transport Chain (ETC).

It is well known that microbes consume huge amounts of glucose. Inside a cancer cell these microbes intercept the glucose that would normally be converted into pyruvate. But it is the pyruvate which is used inside the mitochondria which starts the Krebs Cycle (i.e. Citric Acid Cycle). Thus, the Krebs Cycle is greatly suppressed when microbes are intercepting the glucose.

But the Electron Transport Chain, which is actually more important than the Krebs Cycle, absolutely, totally depends on the Krebs Cycle to create its quota of ATP molecules. Thus, the presence of microbes severely damages or totally destroys the production of ATP (energy molecules) in the mitochondria.

In addition microbes excrete mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are highly acidic waste products which are totally useless to the cell. Thus, the mitochondria, instead of swimming in a sea of pyruvate are swimming in a sea of toxins.

Here is a critical point: Just as the presence of microbes cause cancer in a cell, if you kill all the microbes inside a cancer cell the cell is able to restore its production of ATP molecules and revert into a normal cell. More than a dozen substances have been proven to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

The DNA damage inside of some cancer cells is caused by the DNA of the microbes which cause cancer. A discussion of this issue is far beyond the scope of this article.

A far more detailed discussion of how microbes cause cancer can be found in another article. The cancer theory article also discusses the different categories of treatments which can cure cancer. See this article:
The Theory of Cancer

You may have noted in the article just linked to that as long as microbe(s) are inside cancer cells, the cells are unable to revert into normal cells.

How the DMSO - Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Works

This alternative cancer treatment, by itself, has already been shown to be very effective against melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

For other types of cancers its effectiveness has not yet been determined. However, because melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma have regular cancer cells (what makes them unique is not their cancer cells, but the way they spread), it is expected that this treatment will be effective on other kinds of cancer.

This treatment uses low doses of chlorine dioxide repeated twelve times each day. In other words, instead of using high doses once or twice a day, it uses low doses several times a day.

The key to this protocol is that for twelve hours a day, beginning in the morning, all of the liquids your cancer cells have to "drink" include microbe killing chlorine dioxide!! This is not healthy for the microbes and it is these microbes (not the cancer cells) that this protocol is designed to kill.

Once the microbes inside the cancer cells are killed, the cancer cells will be able to revert into normal cells.

This treatment has two major advantages over many other alternative cancer treatments:
1) This treatment was designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells, meaning if it is used properly it should not cause any type of swelling or inflammation, and
2) This treatment can be taken transdermally (through the skin) or orally. This means those on a feeding tube or I.V. can use this treatment. It also means those who cannot digest foods can also use this protocol.

Chapter 2: The Elements of This Protocol
Chapter 3: Implementation of the Protocol