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Remember that all visual evidence at this site is drawn from, verifiable in, and supported by the official science data. Links to the associated official science data is always provided to both encourage and facilitate verification. Absolutely no evidence alterations have been made except to enhance clarity. There is no need for a leap of faith. If ever in doubt, pursue the verification process and prove it to yourself.

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This Work First Began Early Year 2000
This Web Site Version First Posted: 3/23/2002 - Last updated: 12/29/2014


Report #046 - The Real Tubes On Mars
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Report # 010 - Domes & Plant Puffing VaporReport #003 -  Colossal Head & Animal MonumentsReport #002 - First Discovery of Standing Liquid Water On MarsReport #019 - Giant Plant Species Found on MarsReport #068 - More Massive Moon Objects
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Report # 102 - Mars Humanoid Skull?
Report #029 - Huge Nozzle Shooting Liquid Spray
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Report #108 - Mars Strange Line Networks Part 1 & 2
Report #084 - Hale Crater Civilization Evidence
Report #020 - Giant Plants & Lakes of Water
Report #076 - Civilization Sites & Water Too
Report #088- Mars Strange Colossi
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Report #070-Moon Banding
Report #71-More Moon Banding
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Report #012 - Dome Wrapped Around Immense Tower
Report #067 - Moon Tower