Getting involved in 2015

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is a great opportunity to spread the privacy message in your workplace.

Become a PAW partner and demonstrate that your organisation takes privacy seriously.

In 2014, over 200 organisations and government agencies registered as partners.

Becoming a PAW partner is a non-financial arrangement. We only ask that you help us promote privacy awareness to your colleagues, clients, customers and other stakeholders. If you are interested in becoming a partner for 2015, email

See who has signed up as a 2015 partner.

What you can do in your workplace

If you are a Privacy Contact Officer, use our resources to hold an event in your organisation to celebrate the week and raise awareness among staff about the importance of good privacy practice.

You could:

  • Send an all staff email explaining what PAW is about and reminding staff of their privacy responsibilities.
  • Encourage your organisation’s Privacy Contact Officer to develop awareness programs for PAW including internal events designed to remind staff of their information handling obligations.
  • Let staff know who your organisation’s Privacy Contact Officer is and what their responsibilities are.
  • Encourage staff to familiarise themselves with the changes under law reform. Ways you could do this would be:
    • Highlight a relevant Australian Privacy Principle (APP) each day during the week.
    • Hold a training or information session that briefs your staff on relevant changes under privacy law reform. 
  • Prepare a log-in screen for your staff intranet that includes a message about the importance of privacy.
  • Publish an article about privacy on your intranet. 

Engage on social media

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and help us promote privacy awareness. The Twitter hash tag for this year’s PAW campaign is #2015PAW. We will also have a social media toolkit available soon.

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