Sermons by New Church Ministers.

There is a body of human derived doctrine contained in the preachings of the ministers of any church.

The New Church is no different. The ordained ministers of the New Church preach sermons to congregations on various occasions - the most frequent of which is, of course, the Sunday sermon.

This carries in it a large body of derived doctrine which is presented from the pulpit. The sermons touch many areas and are of varied quality. One thing is plain - all the work is presented from the heart by a group of caring devoted clergy.

There are occasions where the presentation of views may be contradictory or in reinforcement of ideas contained in other sermons. In keeping with the principles of the New Church, this allows and encourages the reader to go to the Word to review the original doctrine to determine what the correct belief is.

Sermons - Each minister's sermons are arranged chronologically.

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