Draft Privacy (Credit Related Research) Rule consultation Feb 2014

This consultation is now closed. The finalised 'Privacy (Credit Related Research) Rule 2014' is now available.

The OAIC has prepared a draft Privacy (Credit Related Research) Rule 2014 (the draft Rule) for public consultation.

Section 20M of the Privacy Act, which commences on 12 March 2014, only permits the use or disclosure of de-identified credit reporting information where the use or disclosure complies with rules that the Commissioner makes under s 20M(3). The intention of the draft Rule is to provide a balance between credit reporting bodies’ use and disclosure of de-identified credit reporting information, and the protection of an individual’s privacy.

As well as the draft Rule we have published a short consultation paper which explains the draft Rule. Comments are due by Friday 21 March 2014 to consultation@oaic.gov.au.

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