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Misinformation spreads like wildfire. How can you avoid the trap? Checkdesk can help you.

Connecting Citizen Journalists with Newsrooms

Checkdesk is a liveblogging tool for journalists, with built-in tools to allow citizen journalists and staff journalists alike to make and verify reports. Anyone from the newsroom community can submit a report — a Tweet, a photo, video or other type of media — and add details that bring important context to the report. Staff journalists can then add these reports to a developing story.

Transparent Verification

Checkdesk embeds verification into the reporting structure, allowing journalists to set a verification status to any report and transparently share the steps they took. Our embed feature contains the results of the verification operations alongside the source content, similar to the health warning that accompanies an AP video script.

Field Tested

We have equipped and trained 1400 citizen journalists, six leading news publishers and grassroots media collectives in five countries across the Middle East with Checkdesk, funded by Sida, the Arab Partnerships Fund, and the (via International Press Institute/IPI). We were awarded an IPI News Innovation Award for Checkdesk and have contributed to the European Journalism Centre’s Verification Handbook. With our research partner Birmingham City University we have created Arab Citizen Media, a multi-lingual repo for Citizen Media training resources.


Checkdesk is a multilingual custom CMS built upon the Drupal 7 PHP content management platform. Technically speaking, Checkdesk is a Drupal distribution. It is available free and open source on Github.