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Note: Please read my disclaimer page, I am a capitalist pig. Assume out-bound links pay my bills, they don't end world hunger except at my house. Warning: I think I'm funny.

Stick a Fork In Me…We’re Done Here

Hey folks. Not sure if you noticed, but I’ve been pretty out of the blogosphere lately (as in: months). The three or so of you still reading it deserve to know what’s up and that’s what I want to talk about. Actually – I don’t want to talk about it…real life issues: offline “fun stuff” that constitutes life. Things like family issues, relationships and time commitments. Whatever you want to fill in the blank with…

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My Blogging Whereabouts and the End of the Freaking World

The Mayan Calendar Thingy

Let’s take care of some serious business up front: first off, the world is supposed to end on December something or other (newsflash: it’s December). My wife says it was the 21st, since she’s off to an “end of the world” party with her sister that night. 12-21-12 – did the Mayans have something against palindromes? Not sure. I think they ran out of space on the boulder they were carving, and the chisel factory…

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cognitiveSEO Review – Best Backlink Analysis Tool

cogntivieSEO 250 Pixel Banner

Backlink analysis tools are one of those “necessary evils” to conducting a proper SEO campaign, or competing in search. It was true before Google launched the Penguin update but because of Penguin and the way Google shifted the way they rank websites, I’ve found backlink analysis absolutely critical to learning the “new rules” to SEO. Rather than take everyone’s ill-gotten advice about what ranks and why, actually analyzing the SEO campaign of your ranking competitors…

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The Problem with Copycat SEO

Classic Scale of Balance

Since I’ve started online, there’s been one method of building links that everyone seems to think is purely “whitehat” and acceptable – copycat SEO. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the concept of simply discovering your competitors’ backlinks and copying them. What’s the problem with that, you ask? Links Can Be Cancer I don’t like to throw that analogy out much – my dad passed away from cancer in 2000. I know it’s a…

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Is the Google Disavow Links Tool Worth Using?

Matt Cutts and Guest Post Ad

What a world we live in – when I first started in this industry, Google was adamant that “bad links can’t hurt your site: we simply ignore them.” Then in walked Penguin, and all of a sudden links can end up hurting your rankings… So this year we’ve seen a number of web services crop up charging for the removal of links pointing to your site – or worse yet, webmasters running splogs charging for…

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Burned out

First order of business: I’ve been M.I.A. (ya think?) lately thanks to overloading on client work. I managed to totally burn myself out working a full-time (temporary) gig managing the SEO for a rather lucrative client – but actually dropped off the map far as this blog is concerned. Taking on that gig was not the best business decision on my part, I bit off more than I could chew. In the meantime, my blog…

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Some Dude Countin' His Moolah

The first part of this “series” of posts can be found here. That focused on some ideas on how to recover from the Penguin update if you’ve been hit pretty bad, mainly what to do with an affected website. But dealing with the website is just part of the equation. The other part of the equation is preventing ever getting “punched in the gut” in the first place from Google, and the best way I…

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Penguin Update from Hell

If you haven’t noticed it lately, the SERPs at Google are unrecognizable (at least in my markets): new players at the top, possibly you’ve been paying attention to my Penguin posts or my interview with Tim Carter. Like Tim Carter, Google just had to pick my most profitable website to thrash in the ranks… A website that performed so well that I frankly got lazy and didn’t start working until about May of 2012, after…

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White Hat

Following is the interview of a lifetime for me because of my guest – Tim Carter from AskTheBuilder.com and StainSolver.com. Who is Tim? If you don’t know him, in a word, he’s a pretty famous “white hat poster boy” for Google, one of the famous case studies for AdSense success that Google put a spotlight on for years. See: AdSense referring to the AskTheBuilder.com case study. Another AdSense reference to Tim. Google showcasing Tim’s method…

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Penguin Sheriff 3D Toon

This post has been a long time in coming, and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll notice I’ve been conspicuously quiet. I remember bloggers like Mike Iser (MikeIser.com) disappearing from the public eye and everyone left wondering what happened… Rest assured that I’m not out of the internet marketing circle, though I have taken the year off to date (it’s nearly June, so that was pretty lame on my end). Leave…

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