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A powerful, modern grey with a neutral cast, Basalt® deliberately lacks the green tones that would soften its impact when used in ultra-modern designs. Exuding the strength and solidity of the rock after which it is named, the use of Basalt® lends buildings a feeling of being anchored to the earth.
  • Monument ®
  • Dune ®
  • Dulux Orangeade ®
  • Dulux Terracotta Chip ®
  • Haymes Exposure ®



A powerful mid-tone colour, Cove™ artfully blends grey and yellow tones to create an effect of a warm golden glow being lit from within. Possessing sandy greyish overtones, Cove™ will bestow a welcoming feeling on any building, Cove™ is ideal for homebuilding projects.
  • Haymes White Vermouth ®
  • Haymes Bliss ®
  • Dulux Reed Bed ®
  • Dulux Everglade ®
  • Dulux Leadman ®



Dune® is a warm, pale grey that invokes feelings of balance and neutrality. It is associated with the dusty earth of the Australian bushland, the soft pelt of native marsupials, and the textured landscapes of granite rock and stone.
  • Haymes Basic Instinct ®
  • Dulux Desert Soil ®
  • Dulux Army Issue ®
  • Dulux Everglade ®
  • Dulux Vintage Green ®


Evening Haze®

Evening Haze® strongly evokes the coastal landscape, the desert sand, the limestone dunes, the barren plains and the inland and coastal dried grasses and Spinifex. Matching fencing colour is Summershade®.
  • Haymes Soothe ®
  • Haymes Calm ®
  • Dulux Buffhide ®
  • Dulux Army Issue ®
  • Dulux Receding Night ®



Possessing both strength and warmth, Gully™ is deep in hue but also neutral making it highly relevant to residential building applications, particularly wall cladding and rainwater goods. Complex and rich yet discreet, Gully™ is utterly contemporary and pairs well with a range of building materials and finishes.
  • Haymes White Vermouth ®
  • Dulux Grand Piano ®
  • Dulux Tambua Bay ®
  • Haymes Fusion ®
  • Haymes Surface ®



Inspired by the purple-grey hues of distant mountains, stormy skies and the natural beauty of our coastal regions, Ironstone® has captured a new mood for COLORBOND® steel colours.
  • Haymes Aura ®
  • Haymes Comfort ®
  • Dulux Self Destruct ®
  • Dulux Guild Grey ®
  • Dulux Ticking ®



Jasper®'s inspiration is in abundance in inland and coastal regions, from the barren slopes of the central ranges, the ageing bark on a large gum tree, and the dark shadows on the sand plains to the striated granite outcrops on the coast, this colour is inspiring.
  • Haymes Pale Mushroom ®
  • Haymes China Doll ®
  • Haymes Sand Storm ®
  • Haymes Quantum Blue ®
  • Dulux Alpha Centuri ®



Containing strong yellow tones, Mangrove® is a very elemental colour and a new direction for greens within the palette. The grey base means that it is suited to these more environmentally sensitive times, allowing a building to complement the landscape around it. With strong influences from the Australian bush, Mangrove® similarly bursts with life and vibrancy.
  • Haymes Seafog ®
  • Haymes Gucci ®
  • Dulux Pookie Bear ®
  • Dulux Thicket ®
  • Dulux Strong Olive ®



Monument® is unashamedly a city colour. It will emphasise the modernity of today’s architecture. It is a strong, confident, neutral colour adding depth and strength to the colour palette.
  • Haymes Minimalist ®
  • Haymes Spatial ®
  • Dulux Barbados ®
  • Dulux Endless Dusk ®
  • Dulux Western Myall ®


Shale Grey

Shale Grey™ is evocative of Gulf coast mud plains, pale grey pebbles reflecting the sun, the ethereal grey mist rising from a surf beach, the silver grey leaves of native flora and the shimmering outcrops of rocks on the Great Dividing Range.
  • Haymes Minimalist ®
  • Haymes Balance ®
  • Dulux Guild Grey ®
  • Dulux Deck Crew ®
  • Dulux Noble Knight ®



Surfmist® embodies qualities of freshness, purity timelessness and independency. Snow, the mist from the sea and surf, pure white sand, and the billowing sails of yachts all remind us of this colour.
  • Manor Red ®
  • Paperbark ®
  • Dulux Natural White ®
  • Dulux Milton Moon ®
  • Haymes Intrigue ®



A rich, rusty red colour reminiscent of Australia’s famed Outback, Terrain® possesses inherent warmth that lends it instant authenticity and honesty. One of the few reds in the colour palette, its use helps root a building within its setting, also allowing for striking juxtapositions when used in partnership with contemporary building materials and lines.
  • Dulux Jodphurs Half ®
  • Dulux Jodhpurs ®
  • Dulux Clay Bake ®
  • Haymes Mesa ®
  • Haymes Exposure ®



A warm, earthy and natural mid grey, Wallaby® has a softness that allows it to be paired with a variety of both traditional and contemporary building materials ranging from glass and steel to timber and stone. A supremely versatile hue, Wallaby® will find firm adherents in both the commercial and contemporary homebuilding arenas.
  • Dulux Grand Piano ®
  • Dulux Kahlua Milk ®
  • Haymes Twin Flower ®
  • Haymes Silence ®
  • Dulux Teahouse ®



Windspray® is mid-strength, neutral grey with a blue undertone that brings to mind a gentle breeze, soft shadows and the misty sea on a cloudy day.
  • Haymes Barely There ®
  • Haymes Soothe ®
  • Dulux Spanish Olive ®
  • Dulux Sepal ®
  • Dulux Juvenile ®



Classic Cream

Classic Cream™ lives up to its name. It is a classic, conservative, safe and neutral colour that appeals to a wide range of consumers throughout Australia.
  • Haymes Soul ®
  • Haymes Memory ®
  • Haymes Solidity ®
  • Dulux Juvenile ®
  • Dulux Vintage ®


Cottage Green®

Cottage Green™ is a rich, deep green that bridges the gap between heritage styles and today's contemporary living. It is inspired by heritage buildings of the past, the lush green of the country side, and the tranquil and peaceful qualities associated with this colour. Matching fencing colour is Evergreen®.
  • Haymes Soul ®
  • Haymes Seashore ®
  • Haymes Epaulet ®
  • Dulux Urban Garden ®
  • Dulux Finnegan ®


Deep Ocean®

Deep Ocean® is a conservative yet appealing colour that mimics the richness and depth of the ocean, and the vast blue haze of a distant mountain range. Matching fencing colour is Bluestone®
  • Dulux Jodhpurs Quarter ®
  • Dulux Jodhpurs ®
  • Dulux Pale Buttercup ®
  • Haymes Blue Aster ®
  • Haymes Blue Rhapsody ®


Manor Red®

Manor Red® is a strong colour, set deep in the Australian psyche. It evokes feelings of the vast expanses of red earth found in the Pilbara and other areas of outback Australia. Matching fencing colour is Red Oak®.
  • Paperbark ®
  • Shale Grey
  • Surfmist ®
  • Haymes Mimosa Leaf ®
  • Haymes Garden Wall ®


Night Sky®

Neutral, sophisticated and strong, Night Sky® is ideal for emphasising strong lines and sharp reliefs on both contemporary and traditional homes. As a defining tone, it’s the perfect contrast to paler building materials and colours.
  • Dulux Grey Pebble ®
  • Dulux Milton Moon ®
  • Dulux Balsam Pear ®
  • Dulux Klute ®
  • Dulux Western Myall ®


Pale Eucalypt®

Pale Eucalypt® is a favoured choice for Australian homes, reflecting the colour and grandeur of the Australian gum. Its gentle, muted hue is suggestive of tranquillity and beauty, and captures the essence of Australian flora.
  • Haymes Celery Bisque ®
  • Haymes Tidal Foam ®
  • Dulux Tongue ®
  • Dulux Terra Tone ®
  • Dulux Strong Olive ®



Paperbark® is a warm, neutral colour which is specified and used for a range of environments whether city, bush, coastal or suburban, across all states. It blends with sandy beach environments, inner city spaces and suburban landscapes. Matching fencing colour is Terrace®.
  • Surfmist ®
  • Dulux Meniscus ®
  • Haymes Soul ®
  • Haymes Espana ®
  • Dulux Tin Cat ®
  • Dulux Strap ®


Woodland Grey®

Woodland Grey® is inspired by the depth of cool green forest, the canopy of eucalyptus on a rugged mountain plateau, the twisted bark and deep olive green leaves of teatree along the coast, the mossy boulders and ferns found in mountain crevices. Matching fencing colour is Grey Ridge®.
  • Haymes Hint Of Olive ®
  • Dulux Apparition ®
  • Dulux Plantain ®
  • Haymes Mimosa Leaf ®
  • Haymes Moss Bronze ®

Please note that colours may vary depending on your screen. You can order swatches for delivery to your home, here.


Also available in COLORBOND® Stainless steel for coastal and industrial environments. All other colours are available in COLORBOND® Ultra steel on request. Please speak with your supplier.

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