Palace Tomb

Located to the north of the Corinthian tomb, the Palace Tomb measures 49 meters in width and 46 meters in height.  The lower part consists of 12 decorated columns and four gates. Above the threshold lie 18 pillars.  
The four gates of the cemetery lead to four rooms for burial, with some graves carved in the walls. This name was given to the cemetery as it resembles a palace.

Related Locations
  • The Great Temple

    Located on the left (south) of the portico street, the Great Temple consists of a main entrance, a lower sacred arena, and two identical buildings in the form of semi-arches on both sides

  • The Garden Temple

    The Garden Temple is characterized by the presence of a huge wall.

  • High Place of Sacrifice

    The first thing that can be seen in the area is two cutting columns, which are believed to represent the most important Nabataen gods known as Thu Shary and his companion Al Azy.

  • The Theater

    As you enter heart of the city, the Nabataean theater is located on the left. It was built in the first century AD in the form an arc that is 95 meters in radius and 2.23 meters in height. It is carved in the rock with the exception of the front part

  • Church

    Petra’s main church is the second church in Petra, after converting the jar tomb to the Church in 446, made up of the church building with the corridors of length (28 m) and view (17 m), in addition to the yard

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