The Silk Tomb


Located to the north of the Urn Tomb, the tower dates back to the first half of the first century AD. The interface measures 10.8 meters in width and 19 meters in length with a door in the middle, and features four columns.The name comes from the rich color of the sandstone. It is one of the most dramatically colored tombs in Petra.

Related Locations
  • The Farsa Valley

    It is located on the western side of Mount Altar, and most importantly, it can be seen on the road to the valley fountain. A lion, which is carved in the rock, may have religious significance and in particular that there is an altar with a small face of this fountain.

  • High Place of Sacrifice

    The first thing that can be seen in the area is two cutting columns, which are believed to represent the most important Nabataen gods known as Thu Shary and his companion Al Azy.

  • The Tomb of the Roman Soldier and Funeral Ballroom

    We believe that there was a courtyard between those two landmarks. Where the funeral ballroom is unique with its columns.

  • The Buildings, Pond and Gardens Complex

    Built in the first century AD, the entrance is located in the lower arena of the Great Temple. It was thought to have been a commercial market in the past that was linked to the portico street; however, the archaeological work showed that it was, in fact, a garden and pond

  • The Sextius Florentinus Tomb

    Located northeast of the palace, the cemetery is lined with Latino inscription. The tomb dates back to Sextus Florentinos, the governor of the Arab state (129 AD), and the interface (37.10 m) and height (9.16 m) consist of two floors.

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