Ford Unleashes Its Newest Cash Cow, the Lighter, Fuel-Efficient 2015 F-150

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As of October 2014, USA Today reported Ford’s plummeting stock prices on Wall Street.  One month later, Ford CEO, Mark Fields, reports to CNN how his company’s newly unveiled Ford F-150 will boost profits due to its sleek, fuel-efficient design.

Ford showrooms across the nation donned the new 2015 Ford F-150 pick-up trucks this past Veteran’s Day.  Ford’s CEO, Mark Fields, spoke to CNN with nothing less than utter enthusiasm over projected sales despite the nationwide drop in gas prices.  The new aluminum construction of the vehicles provide several benefits that Fields claims will not be overlooked by buyers.

Surprisingly, the top selling point of the latest pick-up is weight loss.  The 2015 Ford F-150 is 700 pounds lighter than its predecessors; mainly, because of a new aluminum construction.  Towing, torque and payload compatibility are increased dramatically with less body weight to lug around.  Owners who don’t do a lot of off-road handling or hitching and towing large, heavy objects can also benefit from the lighter design by way of fuel economy.  Simply put, lighter vehicles need less gas to operate.

Value does comes at a cost, however.  The new XL edition will cost approximately $395 more than the 2014 version and the new XLT costs about $360 more.  Fields projects that Ford will earn a $6 million profit margin for the year.

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