Information policy resources

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) develops resources to assist agencies implement effective information management practices, to maximise the reuse and value of information held by the government (public sector information). These resources may be of interest to government agencies, private sector organisation, researchers and individuals who want:

  • to implement best practice information policy
  • to access information from the Australian Government
  • to find out what the Australian Government is doing to be more open and accountable
  • guidance on what the Australian Government should be doing.

In 2011, the OAIC conducted two consultations on developing an information policy framework in Australia. The issues papers developed for these consultations form the basis of a number of information policy resources, and are of value to those seeking resources on information policy:

Information policy reports

The OAIC has produced reports on the current information policy landscape in Australia and on what can be done to maximise the use and value of public sector information.

The information policy reports are available on the Information policy reports page.

Information policy agency resources

The OAIC has produced resources to help government agencies implement practices that will maximise reuse and value of government information.  These include the Principles on open public sector information as well as agency and business resources.

All resources for agencies can be found on the Information policy agency resources page.

The OAIC also produces resources that may assist businesses manage the information they hold to protect the privacy of individuals. These resources are available on the Privacy business resources page.

Information policy submissions

The OAIC makes submissions on significant government initiatives that are about access to government held information.

OAIC information policy submissions can be found on the Information policy submissions page.

Additional information policy resources

Governments all over the world and in Australia are embracing open government practices. There is an opportunity to learn from other countries’ and states’ experiences in implementing effective information policy. The OAIC has compiled international resources on information policy on the Additional information policy resources page.

Other information policy agencies

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Attorney-General’s Department, the Australian Government Information Management Office, the National Archives of Australia and the Australian National Data Service all have information management responsibilities. Relevant resources provided by these agencies are available on the Other information policy agencies page.

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