Senate Estimates and Questions On Notice

Senate Estimates hearings take place three times a year, usually in February (Additional Estimates), May (Budget Estimates) and October (Supplementary Budget Estimates). Senate Estimates provide the opportunity to ask agency heads, such as the three Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) Commissioners, questions about the operations of the agency.

During Senate Estimates the Senator may ask a question that requires a detailed answer. For example, the Senator may ask about the timeframe to process a freedom of information (FOI) request or the specific date of a media release. If the Australian Information Commissioner or support staff does not have the material available they may take the question 'on notice' and answer it at a later date.

Additionally, the Senators may wish to ask a number of general questions to the Portfolio. The agency is required to provide a response to questions taken on notice during Estimates, and general portfolio questions.

In both cases the responsible department will disseminate the questions to its agencies and co-ordinate a response. The OAIC's responsible department is the Attorney-General's Department.

Estimates hearings and Questions on Notice

May 2013 Budget estimates

February 2013 Additional Estimates

October 2012 Supplementary Budget Estimates

May 2012 Budget Estimates

February 2012 Additional Estimates

October 2011 Supplementary Budget Estimates

  • Hansard transcript
  • Questions on Notice
    Note that in the linked table the OAIC responses are to questions 169 to 183 (questions asked only of the OAIC) and to questions 126 to 131, 134 to 151 and 153 to 157 (questions asked of all agencies in the portfolio that were called to appear at the hearings). Also note that since this Estimates hearing the OAIC has been transferred to the Attorney-General's portfolio.

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