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Backed by the support of Assembly, collaborators remain involved in product marketing and maintenance as the product continues to evolve.

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Meet aaronrelph

Product Designer, Front-end Developer.



DevOps, Automated.


Meet iwasrobbed

Former iOS Lead at Everest. Created and sold a hunting app company. Created Brevidy, an open source video social network.

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Meet Line

I'm Line, a Scandinavian Graphic Designer. I design with purpose and believe that beautiful design should also mean useful design. I work with everything from art direction and branding to web design and UX/UCD.

Pretty Shots

Introducing Pretty Shots

We are building the easiest way to hire professional video editors (think of us as "Uber for video editors"). Our editors create amazing videos from the footage you shoot on your GoPro, iPhone, or video camera.



Voicemail reimagined.

Its simple. Receive and send voice recordings in a intuitive way. Cross platform.

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

@zsiec joined the Pay it Forward team

“Hello, I'm an iOS dev! This idea would be great on a native mobile platform. I'm interested in learning more.”

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