Mystery drone emerges from the sea in the Gulf of Oman. American, Israeli or …. Iranian?

Mar 11 2013 - 7 Comments

The following image shows a drone reportedly recovered by the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution from the sea in the Gulf of Oman, near the port of Jask, Iran.

Mystery drone iran

The mysterious UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) appears to be covered by mud and seaweeds and it does not look like any known type at first glance.

Although the quality of the photo does not help identifying it, the drone, seemingly painted in a desert color scheme, has something in common with the somehow famous “Pahpad” drone, made in Iran and used by Syria to spy on the clashes in Homs: similar nose section and, possibly fin (the one in the image could be displaced and the only surviving the impact).

Still, the drone recovered from the sea seems to lack the typical tail boom that in the “Pahpad” (image below) is connected to the vertical stabilizers in the middle of the fins.

Furthermore, after capturing an RQ-170 and some ScanEagle drones, the fact that Tehran has not claimed any new downing of enemy UAVs could be the sign that the one depicted in the above image is a domestic “Pahpad”.

Rather than the name of the drone, Pahpad (پهپاد) is actually the short form of “parandeye hedayat pazire az rahe door” (“پرنده هدایت پذیر از راه دور”), the Farsi for “remotely piloted aircraft”.

What’s your opinion? Which kind of drone is that?

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  • @bleekerk

    Could be a moke up with the purpose to impress the world, just like the stealth fighter

  • Steve Fortson

    If the fuselage was a little longer, I’d say it looks kind of like the Shahed 129.

  • Jacek Siminski

    Looking at the V-tail it looks like a Hermes 900 drone, but then the wings would be mounted mid-fuselage. It might be Hermes 450, but the nose section seems to be to thick

    • Lawrence D. Wood

      Too small for a Reaper.

      • Jacek Siminski

        True that…

  • Steve Fortson

    Any idea what it’s called though? I’ve been looking everywhere to find out.

  • Marc Saussure

    Are there any more pictures of the tail section i cant make out wether it has only one vertical stabiliser or if one got torn off and only one remains….