About MDT

MDT is an international co-production platform and a leading venue for contemporary choreography and performance situated in a reconstructed torpedo workshop in the Stockholm city center. MDT has since 1986 supported and collaborated with Swedish and international emerging artists. MDT is supported by Kulturrådet, Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm stad, Kulturförvaltningen Stockholms läns landsting and the [DNA] Departures and Arrivals network. [DNA] Departures and Arrivals is a project which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission. Want to learn more, read MDT — Annual report 2011 (pdf), MDT — Annual report 2012 and MDT — Annual report 2013


Danjel Andersson, director of MDT, shares his thoughts on contemporary dance and choreography in the texts MDT — the place to be 2011 (pdf), MDT — the place to be 2012 (pdf) and MDT — The Place To Be 2013 (pdf).


MDT has a residency program to which we invite those we think are the most interesting artists of today. The residency program runs all year long with special emphasis on the summer.

Ticket information

Tickets are sold online via ticket retailer Nortic. A ticket purchase link can be found on the page of each performance. If you have trouble purchasing tickets online, call +46 455 619700.


We offer reduced priced tickets for students, seniors, youth under 26 and unemployed persons.


MDT has created a supporter card where you can go for free for a whole year. And bring a friend. The card is called Kompiskort and you can buy it for 1500 kr here or at MDT before any performance. Kompiscard holders can pre-book their tickets at tickets@mdtsthlm.se

Get in touch with MDT

General director & artistic director

Danjel Andersson 
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Stina Dahlström
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 (Maternity leave)
Tove Dahlblom

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Technical coordinator
Katti Alm

Björn Kuajara
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MDT technical info


Production assistant/Administrator

Hanna Erlman

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Box office





Slupskjulsvägen 30

11149 Stockholm, Sweden

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The board



Ylva Gislén



Jonas Anderson

Tomas Bokstad

Kim Einarsson

Edward Lunqvist

PeO Sander

Ellen Nyman

Vanja Hermele