Torch On Roofing Felt

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Torch On Roofing Felt

Polyester roofing felt heat torched on

Click on the Avalable Sizes Box above and select the approx size building you have .

The £20 stated is just a start price because of the way our software is set up . Our Minimum charge for tourch on roofing felt is £40 .

But for example if you have a 10ft x 8ft that you require this premium covering adding it will cost you £150 in total .

This is our premium roof covering , offering a long lasting durable option compared to the standard or heavy duty roofing felt .

With a 60Kg weight it is not only considerably thicker than all other felt based roof covering buy being ployester based it is vertualy tear resistant .

It is appied by using a hot blow torch which melts the special tar ensuring a totally water tight commercial bond .

This grade of felt is used on commercial structures and as such is expected to stand up to much more exposed weather than your average Shed Garden Workshop or Summer House ever would .

It is more expensive than any standard or heavy duty roof covering , but long term will more than pay for it self.

This Extra Strong Felt is Standard on our Bulldog Workshops

Yes this agin is one of the reasons our extra strong Bulldog Workshops and Cabins are that little more expensive . They simply use much higher and stronger gardes of materials and this includes this polyester roofing felt .

Have it fitted as an optional extra on all other buildings

The price quoted is for us to either fit this superior covering in the factory and complete it on site once the building has been erected , subject to the size of the building involved . These rolls of felt are extremely heavy so some times it is better on the larger buildings to do this once the roof has been fitted .

This product is strongly recommend for Pent Single Sloping sheds due to the overlapping nature of the sandard roofing felt , if the pent roof shed is subject to prevailing winds water my be fored up and under the over laping layers please see our terms and conditions . 

It is strongly recomended you up grade the roof covering on a Pent Roof - Flat Roof Shed to this premium roof covering .

If price is an isue we can supply the rolls of felt it self for to fit it your self and sabve some money , but you will require a blow tourch to carry out this process . You can expect to pay around £70 to £85 per roll depending on grade .

Fitting this felt as a Roof repair

These high grade roof covering can be retro fitted onto roofs that have suffered previous damage to its roof covering . 

The price guide qoted is for us to remove your old roofing felt and replace the same sized area with our heat applied plolyester covering . When we say price guide what we mean is if the building is of average construction with reasonable acsess to it , not covered with over grown trees and the likes . 

There will be an extara charge if more than what we class as reasonable preparation is required , this will need to ne negotiated direct with the self emplyed fitters and not our office .


Our prices do NOT include

  1. Repair of any timbers
  2. Replacing facia boards
  3. Removel of old roofing felt after we have stripped it from your old roof before applying new felt. You will need to dispose of this your self as it cost us money to tip waste now days.
  4. Work on any Asbestos or corrugated roof structures.

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