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Muammar Gaddafi: Libya will never belong to traitors, Libya will be a hell for them

Posted: 2011-09-28
From: Mathaba
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Message by the Leader of the Revolution broadcast on Bani Walid radio on September 26.

To Libya and its free people: Glory to you, greatest heroes of Libya! You carry the blood of your ancestors with pride.

The media are telling lies, they say that Gaddafi is in Venezuela, then they say that I am in Niger -- but I am here with you.

There are also servants of the colonialists among our people, which I'm ashamed of. Hold on and be prepared all the time. I receive calls from all the cities of the Great Jamahiriya and the traitors' zero hour will arrive inevitably.

The people who are martyred are alive for eternity as they fought and died for their country to be free of colonialism and chains, just like their fathers wished for in 1969. Forward! Forward!

The easiest solution would have been to let the colonial powers take the oil from our people to stop the aggression. But the blood of my ancestors, the blood of my father, my children and my grandchildren, the blood of all the Libyan men and women and children and the blood of all who are martyred by the bombing during this aggression, pushed us to the path of defiance and rejection of colonialism.

We have said and continue to say: this is the oil of the Libyan people, not of the French or the British. This yields which feed the people belong to people, it is not my property, it belongs to the people!

Martyrdom will become the fate of some heroes who keep resisting and who are true to their country. To some of you who are waiting for victory: don't be sad because when you are sad you will become weak. Be patient for victory.

Libya is not the first country in the world which is attacked by the planes and fleets of the largest military coalition in the history of the world. But they overlooked the fact that Libya has a history of resistance and that Libya is the greatest nation on earth in their resistance, persistence and defiance of the aggression.

Libya will never belong to traitors, Libya will be a hell for them! A hell for NATO, for the West and its agents!

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