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WW2Helmets Help: Returns & Refunds

We offer a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the WWII helmet or uniform we supplied you, we’ll do a complete refund minus the shipping costs (or provide another product in exchange). Our 100% returns policy is there to make sure you are totally satisfied with your World War 2 goods. You don’t even have to give a reason.

We select our Second World War military uniforms and headgear individually, and make sure they leave our warehouse in the condition you expect. If you change your mind just get them back to us, and we’ll to the rest. In the unlikely event they get lost in shipment, we will help you with your insurance claim.

Practical Examples

• You purchase a US WWII 101 Airborne helmet from us complete with liner to complement your bb gun player’s uniform. After you receive it, you decide you’d prefer a WW2 Patton’s 3rd Army helmet instead. You return the items in the same condition, using the original packaging to make sure they travel well. We check them back in stock, and dispatch your replacement within one business day. The delivery costs are all you pay. The service is with our complements.

• You order a complete WW2 American army battle uniform from us but accidentally provide an incorrect waist size. You’re devastated when you try it on and find it does not fit. All you need do is return it in the original wrapping within seven days, and in the condition you received it. We’ll do the rest and charge you not a cent more than transport costs. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

• You buy a WWII US Army helmet for a re-enactment event. When it arrives you discover the event has been cancelled. You immediately return it to us using your nominated courier. We pass a refund to your card as soon as we have checked it in. We make not a dollar on the deal. You just settle up with the courier.

How Long It Takes

We don’t believe in wasting time, especially when we’re dealing with someone else’s money. In fact we don’t shut up shop until the day’s work is over. Unfortunately we can’t promise the same for shippers, customs officials and local postal services. Even using Australia Post’s priority tracking service as primary carrier can take as long as fourteen days. Please see our shipping policy for information about costs.

How Soon We Refund

We understand that our WW2 re-enactors, nostalgia hobbyists and collectors are anxious to receive their exchanges/refunds as soon as possible. We process refunds the instant we check the goods back into inventory. If you paid with Paypal the money is yours immediately. However debit/credit card companies may take several business days which is outside our control.

Our Policy in a Nutshell

Provided you call USA Toll Free 1-888 HELMET3 (1-888-435-6383) or email me within fourteen days of receipt of goods, you automatically qualify for a refund or exchange. We just ask you to pay the third party transport costs and send the goods back immediately. We don’t ask reasons (although we would love to know so we can improve our service). We are more interested in making sure that our customers are happy.

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