Germanwings pilots REFUSE to fly as it's revealed doomed jet was grounded over faults just 24 HOURS before fatal crash in the Alps that killed 150 people including two Australians


A number of pilots at low-cost airline Germanwings have refused to fly following the crash in the French Alps that killed all 150 people on board. Their decision came as it emerged the Airbus A320 that dropped out of the sky and ploughed into a mountainside had been grounded over technical fears just 24 hours before. Helicopter search operations resumed at first light this morning in near-freezing conditions for debris and bodies that have been scattered over four acres of inaccessible terrain. Among the dead were 16 German schoolchildren, six crew and Australian mother and son Carol and Greig Friday (top left and right). Opera singer Maria Radner (bottom left) who was travelling with her baby, and Marina Bandres Lopez-Belio (bottom right), a 37-year-old Spanish woman living in Manchester who was travelling with seven-month-old son, were also among the victims of the crash.

The moment a teenager is detained at Sydney Airport on his way to fight for ISIS - the THIRD young jihadi caught trying to join the terror group


A 17-year-old boy was taken off a plane at Sydney airport on March 12 and interviewed by counter-terrorism officers, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton revealed on Wednesday. It comes after two teenage brothers were also discovered doing the same thing earlier this month. The boy is the third teenager government officials have intercepted among about 200 people stopped from heading overseas to become foreign fighters with terrorist groups. He has since returned to his family, with the Australian Federal Police and ASIO investigating the matter.

Should you stay with someone who doesn't want to marry you? Tracey Cox reveals the seven ways to tell if it's worth the wait

D9GF3A Couple filming themselves with a home video camera. Image shot 2013. Exact date unknown.

How long it takes you to get married is entirely individual but when one person is gagging to get up the aisle and the other has no intention of going there, there are questions to answer says TRACY COX.

'I have the cancer gene': Kelly Osbourne reveals she plans to have her ovaries removed like Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie announced this week that she had her ovaries removed - two years after her double mastectomy to prevent the onset of cancer.

Are YOU washing your hair wrong? Spend twice as long rinsing as lathering, don't shampoo ends and NEVER towel dry... how simple changes can give you glossy locks

Woman Washing Her Hair --- Image by © cjpg/Corbis

FEMAIL called on the industry's hottest hairdressers to share their insider knowledge on what you're doing wrong and the simple steps to make sure you do it right.

Paying for being hurt on the job: Taxpayers foot $600,000 legal bill after a public servant was injured having sex in a motel room on a work trip

Australian taxpayers spent more than $600,000 defending a workers' compensation claim from a 'libidinous' public servant injured while she had sex in a motel room on a work trip in Nowra, NSW.

The horrific moment a teenage girl was tackled to the ground, dragged in a headlock and knocked unconscious as she was arrested - then committed suicide three days after her trial

Footage of a teenager's brutal arrest has emerged, showing how an Aboriginal girl was chased, pulled to the ground by her hair, dragged in a headlock before being knocked unconscious. Despite the heavy-handed tactics used by police, which a magistrate described as using an 'inordinate amount of force', Melissa Dunn, then 16, was charged with resisting arrest in January 2012. Three days after being cleared in August 2012, Melissa committed suicide. Her mother is now threatening legal action against police.

Boeing 737 plane carrying 78 passengers requests emergency landing in Russia

A Russian UTair Boeing 737 plane, carrying 78 passengers and additional crew, has requested an emergency landing at the main airport in St Petersburg.

Pictured: The tragic German exchange students who died on board doomed Germanwings flight 4U 9525 

Sixteen children and two teachers from the same German school were among the 150 people who died when the plane crashed in a remote region of the French Alps on Tuesday morning.

Medieval fire rituals, Tudor birthing chairs, smoking and drinking Guinness to increase iron: The evolution of childbirth revealed 

In the Middle Ages giving birth was a dangerous, semi-public ritual, in Tudor times women wrote wills before their due date, 17th century mums placed placenta on their newborn's head to soothe sore eyes, and by the 19th century women were using chloroform - led by Queen Victoria's example. Practical 20th century midwives oversaw thousands of births (left), while men were rarely seen in the labour ward (right) and some mothers even relied on cigarettes to keep calm (inset).

'Bali body in suitcase' teen Heather Mack's newborn prison baby rushed to clinic with fever, derailing her and boyfriend's murder trial

The Meredith Vieira Show

The week-old baby, Stella, took on a yellowish tinge and was rushed into a jailhouse clinic in Bali, Indonesia, where Mack and boyfriend Tommy Shaefer are accused of murder.

Boy, 15, charged over alleged gang rape of six-year-old girl in remote community

The 15-year-old boy was allegedly involved in the gang rape of a six-year-old girl on Mornington Island, off the coast of northern Queensland. The charge related to an incident that happened April last year.

Double vision or a triple take? Lookalike siblings gather for one of the world's biggest twin conventions in Melbourne

Up to 3000 people - twins, higher number multiples, and their families and friends - attended the Melbourne event, which is the biggest gathering of twins held in the southern hemisphere. Held once every three years, the festival provides a rare opportunity for twins - identical and fraternal of all ages - to celebrate their unique lives and also provides a welcome break from the normal stresses of life for families with multiples. There's even a scientific side to the festival, with researchers scouting for recruits to use in projects that will examine the science and psychology of life for multiple birth siblings.

These aren't scars, they are stripes and I earned them: Mum-of-three praised for sharing bikini photo proudly displaying her 'permanently flabby' belly

A photo of a mother-of-three wearing a bikini and showing off her ?permanently flabby? post-baby figure has gone viral for its empowering message about body image.

On Saturday, Rachel Hollis, founder of the lifestyle website The Chic Site, posted a photo of herself wearing a two-piece bathing suit while on the beach in Cancun with her husband of 11 years. ?We were just hanging out drinking tequila and I thought my monogramed bikini top was really cool so I asked my husband to take a photo of me,? Hollis, 32, tells Yahoo Parenting. ?When I saw the photo, I noticed my stomach and realized that I had never seen a really honest bikini shot on social media, so I thought, ?I?ll just post this for the moms.??

Rachel Hollis, 32, an LA-based party planner, was vacationing in Mexico when she decided to pose in her bikini on the beach, proudly flaunting her post-pregnancy body.

Nurse sues her fitness trainer after tripping over a TYRE during a bootcamp session

Kathleen McLaren, a 55-year-old nurse from Doreen in northeast Melbourne, has launched court action against Body Revival Health and Fitness after she was injured in July last year.

Bodies of two children - aged 11 and 14 - were inside freezer 'for more than a YEAR while mother lived in the house with her two other kids'

Detroit police said the bodies appeared to be a male and female, aged approximately 11 and 14 years old, respectively. They were discovered while the officers were carrying out an eviction at a home (right) in an apartment complex (insert). The mother, Mitchelle Blair (left), has been taken into custody and is a person of interest. Her two other children, aged 11 and 17, are unharmed and currently in protective custody.

Just three drinks a day could lead to liver cancer: Risk increases by 4% for every 10g of alcohol consumed

Just three drinks a day can be enough to cause liver cancer, with the increase in risk per 10g of alcohol consumed - around one alcoholic drink - is about 4 per cent, says the World Cancer Research Fund.

Woman charged with assaulting a female police officer after she squirted BREAST MILK at her during a strip search

The woman, 26, from Calinda in Perth, had been picked up on an existing arrest warrant. She was taken to Rockingham Police Station and was apparently undergoing a strip search.

Bubble trouble? As two dilapidated houses without proper kitchens or bathrooms sell for up to $1.5 MILLION, the Reserve Bank warns prices could 'fall significantly'

A dilapidated 1890s home at Dulwich Hill (top left) in Sydney's inner west has sold for $1.5 million after being unoccupied for the last 20 years and featuring a non-functioning bathroom (bottom right) and kitchen (top right). The home failed to deter bidders despite its cracked and stained walls, chipped paint (bottom left), damaged floors and a grotesque, run-down exterior. The sale came just one day before the Reserve Bank of Australia warned that house prices could soon fall after a lengthy period of rising.

Spooky SKULL caught on camera below NYC subway train as three kids dangerously hitch a ride on the back - on same day woman died on tracks after fall 

The kids were on an uptown express train leaving 96th Street station on Monday. The 2, 3 or 5 train was leaving the Upper West Side station around 6pm. The skull was spotted on Tuesday.

Sydney, Melbourne, Noosa... Cessnock? Tripadvisor raises eyebrows (and the Gold Coast's ire) by including the tiny mining town on its top tourist destinations for 2015 

The latest list of Australia's top 10 tourist destinations has the usual suspects of capital cities and beach side locations but an old mining town in New South Wales has made an unexpected appearance. Cessnock (bottom left), about two hours north of Sydney, slipped in at number 10 on TripAdvisor's list ahead of one of Australia's most popular tourist attractions - the Gold Coast in Queensland. The sleepy town attracts about 30,000 visitors every year with its biggest drawcard being the gateway to the New South Wales' Hunter Valley wine region. In stark contrast, the Gold Coast pulls in a whopping 12million tourists each year to visit the variety of theme parks (bottom right) and sunny beaches it is so well known for. Meanwhile, it comes as no great surprise that arguably Australia's most famous capital city, Sydney (top left), was ranked number one followed by fellow Melbourne (top right) for its abundance of culture and dining.

Tourist struck down with the bends on Maldives diving trip died after it took nine hours to get her to decompression chamber

Melanie Stoddart, 38, of Manchester, was struck down on a scuba diving trip in the Maldives. She died after it took nine hours to get her to a decompression chamber.

Iranian film to depict Prophet Mohammed: Most expensive movie in country's history under fire for decision to show back of his head as a child 

The £30million project filmed in Iran called 'Mohammed, Messenger of God' , tells the story of the prophet's childhood through the movie's other characters and never shows his face.

My eczema was so bad I left a trail of skin flakes when I walked, says woman who swears PORRIDGE OATS are the best remedy

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Amy-Louise James, 25, from Northampton, had such severe eczema she had to change her bed sheets every day because of her weeping wounds. She also scratched so much that flakes of skin fell from her body - forcing her to apologise to strangers for being 'disgusting'. Now she has treated her eczema using Quaker's oats - bought from Tesco for £1.99. Miss James said spreading porridge over her body has improved her skin (right) and she is healthier than she has been in years. She said: 'People don't realise how serious eczema is, they think it's just red skin that's a bit itchy. I had to change my bed every day because there would be so much skin and my eczema wept so much. It was so painful.'

Elsa's really let herself go: Devoted 16st father has dress specially made and wears wig and cape so he can take daughter to Frozen singalong 

Rob Chillingworth, a bearded tattoo artist from Waltham Abbey in Essex, has dressed up as Disney's Elsa- complete with dress and long blonde wig- to take his daughter to a Frozen singalong.

Teenage adventurer on track to become the youngest Australian to climb Everest after an avalanche killed 16 Sherpas during her previous attempt

Queensland's Alyssa Azar (pictured), 18, hopes to become the youngest Australian to climb the world's highest peak, Mount Everest, in Nepal. The expedition will take her two months.

Why 'wellness frauds' are bad for your health: Diet blogger Sarah Wilson hits out at Belle Gibson, saying 'experts' have a responsibility to vulnerable followers

Wellness guru Sarah Wilson (pictured left) has weighed in on the fraud scandal surrounding blogger Belle Gibson, claiming too many health bloggers do not understand their power and responsibility. Ms Gibson (right), founder of the popular Whole Pantry app (inset), has faced intense criticism since doubts were raised over whether she has terminal cancer. Ms Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar, told Daily Mail Australia the incident was 'unfortunate' and that lifestyle bloggers have a huge responsibility to their followers. 'The real issue that's going on is there's a lot of people out there not taking on board the responsibility that comes with all this,' she said.

No one wants to live in this high-rise murder apartment: Luxury Sydney unit from which Simon Gittany threw his fiancée to her death fails to sell 

There was only one registered bidder for the luxurious Sydney apartment overlooking the CBD's Hyde Park, where Simon Gittany murdered his fiancée by throwing her from the balcony.

Can washing your hair with Coca-Cola really give you Suki Waterhouse's supermodel locks? One FEMAIL writer puts the bizarre trick to the test 

Suki Waterhouse revealed earlier this week that she uses Coca-Cola to rinse her hair, in order to give it added texture and volume. One Femail reporter put the British 23-year-old model's trick to the test.

'Don't waste your money': Financial expert slams Netflix Australia membership as a bad idea saying customers won't get enough new shows and will get caught out by download quotas

'Netflix is a waste of money', so claims a financial comparison expert. Michelle Hutchison of is unconvinced by Internet TV's new kid on the black, insisting older content and a lack of new shows means it's not going to provide value for money.
She says viewers may have to wait months to see new episodes of their favourite shows.

'We aren't your servants, and we see everything...' Uber driver lifts the lid on life behind the steering wheel and reveals his passengers' worst behaviors 

One anonymous driver for Uber - America's largest private car service network - claims passengers often 'yell' at him over traffic and some have tried to have sex in the back of his car.

It's back: Melissa Doyle wears a blouse with THAT neckline for an interview with a political leader's wife

The 'penis jacket' back on on TV screens with Seven News reporter Melissa Doyle donning the style for a second time. The distinctive phallic-shaped neckline was made famous by Ten's Natarsha Belling.

Hunt for serial croc killer: Large saltwater crocodile found slain on beach - after two others were mutilated nearby

Recent killings by an unidentified croc slayer in the Northern Territory, who's gone as far as skinning and beheading saltwater crocodiles, has sparked deep concerns among wildlife and conservation groups. One crocodile was recently found at Dundee Beach, southwest of Darwin, which is where a previous two were brutally mutilated earlier in the month. A crocodile conservationist says such incidents have 'gone on forever' in the Northern Territory but are now distressingly on the rise.

Forget Timehop, Facebook launches 'On This Day' tool that lets you take a nostalgic trip through previous posts

The Californian site said posts only appear on a user's On this Day page (shown), and this page can only be viewed by that user. The tool is rolling out gradually, so not everyone will be able to see it yet.

The Buckingham Palace memorabilia... made in China or Turkey: Teddies, towels and toys being shipped in to fill the gift shop's shelves 

It emerged yesterday that Buckingham Palace is selling royal- themed gifts shipped in from overseas, with the Royal Collection Trust shop offering teddy bears from China and towels made in the EU.

'I squeeze in cardio during nap time!' After being crowned Mrs Australia while 37 weeks pregnant Piper O'Neill talks getting into shape for the international pageant just two months after giving birth

She was crowned Mrs Australia when she was 37 weeks pregnant (left) and now Piper O'Neill is gearing up for Mrs International - just eight weeks after giving birth to her second child. The former model (inset) turned full-time mother (right) has completely embraced her post-baby body but shares how she struggled to accept her changing figure when she first became a mother. The 31-year-old told Daily Mail Australia getting back into shape for the pageant has been more challenging compared to previous years, particularly because she has to juggle her time with her two young kids.

Want to last longer in the bedroom? Get sweaty: Men who exercise have 'better sexual function' 

The optimum amount of weekly exercise is equivalent of 2 hours of strenuous exercise (running or swimming), 3.5 hours of moderate or 6 hours of light exercise, say Cedars-Sinai experts.

The pop-up restaurant serving deep-fried EVERYTHING... including tea cakes, pizza, burgers and even a whole crispy lamb joint

The calorific eaterie is a collaboration between chef Jim Thomlinson (pictured) of London Mess and freelance creative director Emma Thomas, better known as Miss Cakehead.

The little angels on the road to recovery: Three young girls who shared heart-wrenching picture as they battled cancer share new image to show their inspiring recovery 

Three girls battling cancer whose touching photo went viral last year, have had a new picture now they are on the road to recovery. Ainsley Peters, five, Rylie Hughey, four, and Rheann Franklin, seven, met while undergoing treatment in Oklahoma. The new photo shows big smiles on each of their faces now all three have finished treatment.

The terrifying moment a strap breaks off a speeding truck and smashes into the windscreen of the car behind

It was a very lucky escape for a driver as a ratchet strap flew off a truck and smashed through the windscreen landing on the dashboard of the car behind (left). Amazingly, the driver survived without any major injuries as the dangerous object came flying off the truck at an almighty speed headed straight towards the Nissan Navara instantly smashing through the windscreen (right). Before the driver knew what had happened the car veered off the road and spun around 180 degrees before abruptly stopping as the car was facing the wrong way in the left hand lane of the M1 motorway in Brisbane. To add to the miraculous escape, the car was towing a trailer which crashed into the grassy embankment and then slid under the car it was attached to, which ended up on two wheels but neither vehicles managed to completely flip.

Mom accused of murdering three children in botched murder-suicide attempt 'tried to kill herself twice before'

Jessica McCarty, 33, (pictured) had tried to commit suicide before, according to the grandmother of the three children she is accused of murdering at her home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Ramen noodle baths, cactus massages and a 'womb room': Weirdest spa retreat treatments from around the globe revealed

Hotel spas are pushing the boat out when it comes to providing cutting-edge treatments. Guests can be scrubbed down by a cactus, lathered in marmalade, and rolled by golf balls.


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Where HAS Michelle's hair gone? Severe new do leaves First Lady looking almost bald under harsh studio lights as she appears on Jeopardy 

Michelle Obama made a guest appearance on the long-running game show (left) to promote her 'Let's Move' anti childhood obesity campaign. But while she was answering questions on healthy eating, some viewers were going online to ask whether the 51-year-old (right, with her hair down) was now bald. One Twitter user @crysyallewis60 wrote: 'Ooh why is Michelle Obama bald on jeopardy? When did this Happen?' Others pointed out that the First Lady was likely to have had her hair tied back with the camera angle obscuring her ponytail.

'The loss is a heartache that will never heal': The heartbreaking tribute of Masa Vukotic's mother to her murdered daughter as the grieving family prepares for her funeral

Natasa Vukotic has publicly paid tribute to her 17-year-old daughter who was stabbed at a Melbourne Park only five minutes from her home in daylight, on the day before her funeral.

Want rice with HALF the calories? Just cook it with coconut oil and refrigerate it overnight before eating

The method increases the amount of resistant starch in the rice, which is indigestible to humans and so lowers calories, scientists from the College of Chemical Sciences, Sri Lanka, discovered.

Not the brightest spark: MP suspended for pouring fuel on himself in Parliament in bizarre protest against CRUISE SHIPS

Queensland MP Andrew Laming has been suspended from federal parliament for 24 hours after pouring all over his hands and the floor of the Federation Chamber.

Animals CAN predict earthquakes: Scientists film behavioural changes as seismic activity increases

Experts led by Dr Rachel Grant of Anglia Ruskin University used data gathered from a series of motion-triggered cameras located in the Yanachaga National Park in Peru.

Fisherman captures the moment he reels in a salmon... only to find it's attached to a giant saltwater crocodile

A fisherman has taken incredible pictures (left and top right) of the moment he accidentally pulled in a crocodile that was taking a bite out of a salmon he had hooked. Ben Stack (bottom right), 40, has warned other Far North Queensland fishermen to be wary while out on the water after he came face-to-face with the salt water crocodile on a recent trip. Mr Stack said he was amazed he was able to capture the incredible moment on camera. 'I couldn't believe what I had just experienced and I didn't think anybody was going to believe me,' he said.

Heartbreaking moment teenager, 16, faces drunk driver who put her in a coma and killed her parents and three siblings as he gets 50 years in prison for deadly crash

Stephanie Guzman, 16, stared right at  Efraim Carmona, 35, in a Texas courtroom and and told him what it was like to wake up from a coma and learn that every member of your family is dead.

Aussie woman died after having buttock implant surgery from a Mexican doctor who was once embroiled in a legal dispute with Kim Kardashian

Evita Nicole Sarmonikas, from the Gold Coast reportedly died after suffering a heart attack in a Mexican hospital. She had reportedly been given buttock implants from Dr Victor Ramirez.

Posing over the bodies of their enemies: Shiite militants brandish their guns in the air as they celebrate the death of an ISIS fighter alongside their Iraqi Army allies 

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The black-clad Shiite soldiers were seen posing with the ISIS jihadi's corpse at the frontline of fighting close to the central Iraqi city of Tikrit this morning.

Nitrogen discovered on Mars: Key ingredient of life provides further evidence that the red planet was once habitable

Nasa scientists in California found evidence of nitrogen on Mars, a key ingredient for life. The findings were made by Curiosity's (shown) Sample Analysis at Mars instrument.

No time to enjoy the view! The heart-stopping moment daredevils walk a tightrope suspended 100 METRES above the world-famous Blue Mountains

Local and international members of the highlining community ascended on Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains, 80km west of Sydney, for a weekend of death-defying walks at heights between 60 and 100 metres. The daredevil past-time involves fixing a one-inch thick rope between two mountains and walking in between them, sometimes with no safety equipment whatsoever. But Sydney-based electrician Luke Sarantos, who took part in the event, told Daily Mail Australia highlining is the opposite of thrill-seeking. 'It's actually very peaceful and soothing when you feel the wind on your face and feel yourself in free space. In a way it's like the opposite of thrillseeking,' he said.

'It's like they wanted the perfect teenager': School airbrushed student photos to remove nose piercings, acne, freckles and even MONOBROWS

Students and parents at Daylesford Secondary College in Victoria were left outraged when they realised their 2015 class photos had been edited to rid them of piercings, acne and freckles.

Did prehistoric hunters POISON their spears? Stone-tipped weapons may have been coated with toxic plant extracts up to 30,000 years ago

Scientists at the University of Cambridge believe paleolithic hunters used plant toxins to make their weapons more deadly up to 30,000 years ago. They have developed a new test for poisonous residues. co-founder, 50, charged with 'sexually abusing a 15-year-old friend of his daughter after giving her alcohol, showing her porn and attacking her during sleepover'

Daniel Taggart allegedly assaulted the victim after his daughter fell asleep. He has been charged with object rape, forcible sodomy, forcible sexual abuse and supplying alcohol to a minor.

Trust SBS to do things a little bit differently: Newsreader Lee Lin Chin takes on the 'mean tweets' trend... by reading out cheeky messages that she SENT

SBS presenter Lee Lin Chin (centre) turned the mean tweets trend upside-down by reading out messages she had sent in a segment for The Feed on Tuesday evening. From BBC star Jeremy Clarkson and Australian journalists Karl and Peter Stefanovic (left and right) to fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana, Chin - who is known on Twitter for her sassy sense of humour - shared some of her best posts.

Child genius, 3, can already do his 14 times table and count to 10 in four languages including Russian and Japanese 

Michael McBride, 3, of Yate in Bristol,  can already do his 14 times table and count to 10 in Japanese - one of three languages he has taught himself. He has an IQ almost at Mensa level.

'You will need to watch your back': The cowardly note threatening Aussie woman's family for developing app that shows which products contain jungle-wrecking palm oil

Lorinda Jane, from Victoria received the vile letter on Tuesday. It claimed to know where she lived, and where her daughter went to school. Lorinda is the founder of not-for-profit Palm Oil Investigations.

Siamese twins prove they still share something special even three years after doctors separated them at birth

Rosie and Ruby Formosa (left and right), from Bexleyheath in south east London, were born prematurely sharing the same intestines and joint at the abdomen in July 2012 (inset) and a team of 15 doctors spent five hours separating the pair. A life-threatening blockage meant they were transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for emergency surgery but almost three years on and the identical twins are fighting fit. Their mother, Angela Formosa, 34, says the girls are almost inseparable and are looking forward to their third birthday.

Sopranos actor gets first Hollywood role after serving eight years behind bars for his part in the murder of an NYPD officer

Lillo Brancato, who played Matthew Bevilaqua in The Sopranos, has started working on 'Back in the Day', which tells the story of a Brooklyn boxer taken in by a mobster.

Pictured: The wife of murdered Australian podiatrist arrested in the Bahamas after he was found with seven stab wounds in their luxury home 

A well-known Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli (pictured), was found dead in his Bahamas home by police about 8am local time on Tuesday with seven stab wounds in his body. The 59-year-old was found inside his home in exclusive gated community Old Fort Bay on New Providence Island. Detectives took Mr Vasyli's wife, Donna (main) into custody following the discovery, saying she was a person of interest in the investigation.

New layer discovered in Earth's mantle: 'Superviscous' region that is five quintillion times thicker than peanut butter found

The research was carried out by scientists at the University of Utah. They crushed minerals between diamonds to mimic Earth's core (illustrated) and found there must be a new layer 930 miles underground.

Photoshop fails - it's not just models who're at it! Cringe-inducing pictures show deluded men and women giving themselves fake bottoms, muscles and even GIRLFRIENDS

Stars like Miranda Kerr and Beyonce are reported to Photoshop pictures, but members of the public are also trying their hand at it. On the web there are numerous embarrassing doctored self-portraits.

Why mushrooms GLOW: Fungi use bioluminescence to attract insects - but 'switch off' to conserve energy in the day

Scientists in Brazil studied why certain species of mushroom glow (pictured). They found the ability helps them attract insects at night. These creatures will then move their fungal spores elsewhere.

Teen involved in drive-by killing of Australian baseballer Chris Lane will not be eligible for parole until he is 56 after pleading guilty... before the trial has started

An American teenager charged over the death of Australian baseballer Chris Lane has been handed a life sentence after he pleaded guilty to the random drive-by killing in Oklahoma in 2013.

An abandoned tank, houses reduced to rubble and children playing on a swing: Haunting images of Kurds returning to the ghost town of Kobane smashed by ISIS


Six months ago the Kurds were fleeing Kobane as ISIS troops bared down on the Syrian city, now, with the fanatical jihadis driven back into the desert, they can return to their shattered homes. Precious few buildings have been left untouched by the fiercest battle against the Islamic State to date, with Kurdish fighters gunning their way through the streets while coalition warplanes dropped explosives from the skies.At one point the Turkish President said the city was just hours from falling to ISIS, but against all the odds Kurdish fighters recaptured it.

No toilets in the trenches: Young British jihadi filmed on the frontline complaining about 'having to go natural' 

The unnamed man, who speaks with a southern English accent, is filmed complaining about a lack of toilets as he stands in a trench - believed to be somewhere in the forest outside Lattakia city.

Sydney to Dallas, Newark to Hong Kong and New York to Taipei: Fascinating map of the world's longest non-stop journeys


Data expert and map enthusiast Seth Kadish was inspired to create the map of excruciatingly long non-stop flights after his own 15-hour trip from Los Angeles to New Zealand.

Pet lovers raise $8,000 to help rebuild face of cat that was nick-named 'The Purr-minator' after cabinet fell on him 

Five-month-old Thomas was left unable to eat and in need of a major operation after his jaw was fused shut in the accident at his owner's home on Merseyside.

Great-grandfather who bravely lost half his face to rare cancer is given devastating news the disease is now incurable

Raymond Martin, 64, from Newcastle, has facial angiosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that has caused a gaping hole to develop under his right eye. Doctors say no treatment can now help him.

Uncle of the year! Detroit man wears a princess gown to watch Cinderella with his mini-me niece because she was scared to dress-up alone

A 26-year-old man from Detroit has scored a burgeoning fan base after slipping into a princess gown for his young niece. Jesse Nagy posted a photograph of himself wearing the strapless dress to Facebook on Sunday along with the caption: 'Sometimes you just have to be a princess. Going to see Cinderella! Uncle of the year.' In the picture his chest hair, tattoos, muscular arms and facial scruff cut a comical contrast to the girly get-up he's wearing. The full-time actor topped off the ensemble with a diamante handbag and tiara - although he stuck to comfortable flip flops instead of glass slippers.

Yet another Silicon Valley tech giant suffers sex discrimination lawsuit as woman accuses Twitter of constantly favouring male workers 

Twitter is the latest Silicon Valley firm to find itself at the centre of a gender discrimination case after former female engineer Tina Huang launched a lawsuit in San Francisco.

Brutal nature: Incredible images show a tiger chasing herd of deer before killing its prey in Indian nature reserve

The incredible moment a tiger hunted and sunk its teeth into a helpless deer has been captured on camera by a wildlife photographer. The pictures were taken at a nature reserve in India.

A teen brain-damaged by cannabis and a young mother whose bladder was destroyed by snorting ketamine: Jodie Marsh meets the women who ruined their lives with drugs

A woman needs reconstructive surgery after a six-year ketamine habit, while a teenager has been left wheelchair-bound after a bad reaction to synthetic cannabis, in the TLC series Jodie Marsh On Drugs.

Highway to hell: Horrifying moment an ice addict drives on the wrong side of a busy motorway - a day after man was found asleep behind the wheel on the SAME road


The footage shows the shocking moment a car driving n the wrong side of the M1 ploughs into a car, causing a fatal crash. The driver, 38-year-old Jason Rea, had five times the lethal dose of ice in his system at the time. He conducted three U-turns to drive on the wrong side of the road and steer dangerously into incoming traffic. Evidence stated that Mr Rea intimidated other drivers by aiming for vehicles as drivers tried to swerve out of his way. Many panicked witnesses called Triple 0, describing how the 'erratic' driver was driving in the wrong direction and had almost taken out two workers at the construction site. 'This guy is just on a death mission,' one witness told emergency services, in a call that was used as evidence in court. Mr Rea died in the ambulance on the way to Gosford Hospital. It comes a day after another driver (top right) was found fast asleep in the middle of the same motorway with his high beams on and the engine still running.

Authorities DEMOLISH house where Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza killed his mother before elementary school rampage

Councillors in Newtown, Connecticut, decided to knock down the 'constant reminder' of Lanza's crazed rampage in 2012, which left a total of 27 people, including Nancy Lanza, dead.

The psychedelic image that shows we really ARE all made of stardust: Supernova are 'missing link' of planet formation - and spit out enough dust to make 7,000 Earths

SOFIA data reveal warm dust (white) surviving inside a supernova remnant. The SNR Sgr A East cloud is traced in X-rays (blue). Radio emission (red) shows expanding shock waves colliding with surrounding interstellar clouds (green).

New York researchers have spotted a vast cloud (pictured) proving that  supernovae are capable of producing a substantial amount of the material from which planets like Earth can form.

Everybody into the pool! Guests stunned as SIXTY elephants descend on South African resort for refreshing drink of water

Rangers and visitors at the resort were treated to a very up-close view of the wild animals as specialist guide Mark Lautenbach snapped these amazing pictures at Phinda Private Game Reserve.

Oprah Winfrey reveals her risque taste in art as she puts up a selection of pricey nude paintings for sale in online auction


Who knew Oprah Winfrey was such passionate collector of nude artwork. The 61-year-old media mogul is leaving Chicago and selling practically everything in her posh high-rise apartment in a big online auction next month. Among the personal belongings that Oprah no longer wants are several nudes, both paintings and drawings, worth thousands of dollars.

India's 'men minus maleness': Meet the transgender women ostracised from their communities forced into lives of begging or prostitution 

Earlier this year, the country's first transgender mayor was elected and less than 12 months ago the Supreme Court granted legal recognition to the community as a third gender.

Watch your step! Dizzying images capture daredevil teen scaling 700ft Hong Kong skyscraper - with NO safety equipment 

Andrej Clesielski, 18, didn't use a harness when he climbed the 50-storey Manulife Plaza in Hong Kong - but did strap a camera to his head to capture eye-watering images of the city below.

Obese nurse who was left with so much saggy skin after shedding 10st that she felt 'more confident when she was fat' spends £20,000 to get her sex life back 

Karen Smith, 42, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, was so self-conscious about her baggy skin and drooping breasts, she had an upper arm lift, a tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast augmentation and uplift.

Is this the most dangerous film ever made? Celebrity family lived with lions for SIX YEARS as cast and crew suffered broken bones, gangrene and horrific wounds

Noel Marshall's action-adventure film Roar - the most dangerous movie ever made - is making a comeback 34 years after its initial release. The film is infamous for the 11 years it took to make and the injuries that 70 members of the cast and crew received from the 150 untamed animals.


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Rain or shine


Golf legend Jack Nicklaus left in tears as he's awarded Congressional Gold Medal

Congress on Tuesday awarded its highest civilian honor to golfing great Jack Nicklaus, who accepted the gold medal with a few tears, humility and humor. In a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda, the House and Senate leadership bestowed the award on Nicklaus, winner of 18 major championships that Speaker and avid golfer John Boehner called the 'gold standard.' The 75-year-old Nicklaus recalled the hard work of his parents, praised his family and paid tribute to his wife, Barbara. An emotional Nicklaus told his family that his whole life he wanted to make them proud of him, and 'hopefully I have.'

Afghan woman beaten to death in the streets was murdered because she dared to speak out against superstitious mullah and NOT because she burned the Koran 

Farkhunda, 27, was pushed from a roof, run over by a car and set on fire before her body was thrown in the Kabul River last Thursday, following the false accusation that she had burned the Koran.



From a wife-carrying competition in Finland to bull-riding prisoners in Louisiana: The world's most bizarre sport holidays revealed

With the warmer months upon us the countdown is on for all manner of festivals around the globe, with many of them revolving around intriguing, entertaining and downright wacky events. Try the Mud Olympics in Germany (top left), prison rodeos in the US (top right), Mongolia's ancient Naadam festival (bottom left), bog snorkelling in Wales (bottom right) or wife carrying in Finland (inset).

Bottoms up! Huge $50 Bloody Mary features vodka, Worcester sauce, prawns, celery sticks... and a WHOLE fried chicken

Sobelman's Pub and Grill in Milwaukee Wisconsin, US, has created the $50 (£33) Chicken Fried Bloody Beast which comes with a 4lb chicken, cheeseballs, sprouts, tomatoes, prawns and celery.

Marked out for death: Hostage reveals chilling moment Jihadi John drew sword on face of captive to brand him for beheading

Spanish journalist Marc Marginedas, 46, (pictured) who was released a year ago, says he and 18 other hostages were guarded by three terrorists, who all spoke with British accents.

Three Chinese separatists executed for role in train station attack that killed 31 people last year

Iskandar Ehet, Turgun Tohtunyaz and Hasyn Muhammad, were all put to death for their role in the attack in Kunming railway station in China, which saw 31 people hacked to death with knives and machetes.

The most unlikely best friends: Cute companions Fugly the pug and KFC the chick are inseparable after they were introduced when they were only weeks old 

Fugly the pug and KFC the chick won't leave each other's sides after they struck up an unlikely friendship. The cute couple can be spotted cuddling, sleeping and playing together.

For the homeowner who never wants to grow up: Italian architect designs wooden treehouse as part of eco-friendly project to 'combine childhood dreams with urban life'

Architect Lucinao Pia has designed the 'ultimate' treehouse in Turin, Italy, as part of his '25 Shades of Green' project, which seeks to combine childhood dreams with urban living.