Restoration Projects
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The following is a Partial list of the many Restoration Projects that have been accomplished aboard the TEXAS

by both full time TPWD staff and the First TEXAS Volunteers.

If it was not for the help the volunteers receive from TPWD staff the FTV efforts would Not be possible. 

My Hats Off to this very professional crew!


The volunteers are asked to "Read" and fully understand the attached "Volunteer Restoration Manual" before they start working aboard the Battleship Texas.

click here for the Manual.

Restoration 2006 Report

At the end of each year we try to form a "Year End" restoration report that highlights the various projects aboard ship that the volunteers are involved in.

Click Here for the 2006 Report.


Click here for the Restoration Work Party Schedule....2010

June 2007 Restoration Here


Click on the Links below to see the details about that project.

This Page will be up-dated as new Projects are completed or started. So visit this page often.

Officer's Pantry


started Nov-2005

# 3 Boiler Room

In Progress

started 2004

3rd Deck Archive Rooms

Deck Completed

Motor Launch


started Jan. 2006


Completed January 2006

Wardroom Staterooms

Completed October 2005

(McArdle Project)

Radio Room Restoration

In - progress

14" Shell Relocation

Completed Sept. 2003

Three level - Passageway to Plot

Completed Feb 2003

Marine, First Sergeants Office

Completed - Aug 2002

Wardroom Officer's Head

Completed July 2002

General Store Keeper's Office

Completed June 2002

3rd. Deck Ammo Passage (deck)

Completed January 2002

2nd Deck Casemate #3

Completed November 2001

Pilot House

Completed Oct. 2000

Turret #1 Powder Bags

Completed summer 2000

Ship's Staff restored the Captain's Stateroom and Cabin.

It looks awesome! 


The Foundation's and Companies listed below have Directly Supported the 

Volunteer Restoration efforts aboard the Battleship TEXAS

Please support them if you can they are vital in our efforts aboard the Battleship TEXAS.


Battleship TEXAS Foundation  , McArdle Foundation  

San Jacinto Battlegrounds Association