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Make Products People Love to Use

MailChimp serves more than 7 million users worldwide and sends more than 10 billion emails every month. We're self-funded and profitable, and we're growing fast. We're always looking for smart and creative people to join us in Atlanta.

We move quickly and work on all kinds of products and projects.

Every job at MailChimp comes with fantastic benefits, opportunities, and tools. Watch the videos on this page to learn more about what it's like to work here.

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Getting the Work Done

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An enriching environment

Our employees love coming to work every day. We provide top-of-the-line equipment, free lunches, quiet spaces, and plenty to do around the office. We also host weekly coffee hours where people like Ann Friedman, Baratunde Thurston, and Roman Mars talk about their work and inspiration.

Great benefits

MailChimp offers fully paid health, vision, and dental insurance for employees and their families. We also provide a 401(k) matching program and free smartphones with monthly service.

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Something for Everyone

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Professional development

We invest in our people. You don't have to "move up the ladder" to progress at MailChimp, and our employees follow many different career paths within the company. We send people to conferences and provide lots of educational resources. And everyone has the opportunity to receive $20,000 in tuition reimbursement to finish school or continue their education.

Live and work in Atlanta

MailChimp is an Atlanta company, and we love our hometown. We take great pleasure in helping new employees find their way around, and we take great pride in helping good ideas come to life.

Current Openings

These are the positions we're currently looking to fill. Our team is growing quickly, so check back often!

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User Experience

Our UX team addresses customers needs as they research, design, and develop MailChimp's ecosystem of products.

Customer Support

MailChimp's support and compliance departments make sure our customers are happy, empowered, and educated about email marketing best practices.

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Integrations & Partnerships

This team helps people build on top of MailChimp and Mandrill's open APIs. They also develop our partner communities, Experts and Agencies.

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Our writers, designers, developers, and brand managers make our product website and customer communications. They're also responsible for all MailChimp's advertising, sponsorship, and branding initiatives.

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We need smart, organized people to keep the lights on and our many teams happy. Plus, to ensure more smart, organized people are joining us all the time.

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