Arkansas Poll

Conducted:  August 4-5, 2013
Respondents:  587 Likely Voters
Margin of Error:  +/-4.04%

Senator Mark Pryor faces difficult odds in his bid for reelection against Republican Congressman Tom Cotton:

  • Pryor’s image rating is upside down (38% favorable, 40% unfavorable)
  • Pryor trails Cotton on the ballot 41%-43%
  • President Obama job approval stands at 28% approve, 62% disapprove
  • Arkansas voters overwhelmingly believe that Pryor votes with President Obama’s agenda (53% votes for Obama’s policies, 17% votes against Obama’s policies)

Pryor Image

Cotton vs. Pryor

The only congressional district where Pryor leads is the Second 45%-41%.  Cotton leads in his home Fourth District 47% to 40%.  In an unusual situation for a Republican, Cotton wins young voters 54%-26%.

On the ballot, there is a notable gender gap with men preferring Cotton 49%-38% while Pryor wins among women 38%-44%.  Pryor’s image with women is 36% favorable, 36% unfavorable.  Cotton’s image with women is soft as a full 49% have no opinion of the first-term congressman.

Cotton Image

Pryor Job Approval

Pryor’s poor job approval numbers (31% approve, 42% disapprove) can be somewhat attributed to the perception among voters that the Senator supports President Obama’s policies (62% job disapproval).  Only 17% say that Pryor generally votes against Obama’s agenda.

Obama Job Approval

Pryor & Obama

Pryor Ideology

In a state where 48% of the electorate identifies itself as conservative, only 11% of Arkansas voters describe Mark Pryor as conservative.

Arkansas Ideology