Tuesday 31st March, 2015
Complaints Handling


The BB&O is a local law society whose members practise in the three counties. It is independent of the Law Society of England and Wales (the Solicitors governing body) and has no power of discipline over its members - that power is exercised by the Law Society, through the Legal Ombudsmen.

However we do try to assist if difficulties arise between our members and their clients - perhaps communication may have broken down.

All solicitors are obliged to have their own "in-house" complaints handling procedures and so difficulties can often be resolved if early steps are taken. This is a rule of solicitors' practice, breach of which can itself be professional misconduct.

This is often referred to as Rule 15 but is now the Solicitors' Costs and Client Care Code which is contained in the Guide to Solicitors' conduct.
Paragraph 7 of the code is particularly relevant to complaints and how they should be handled.

If use of this does not appear to be working, we may be able to assist by trying to re-establish lines of communication, or setting out ways in which your concerns can be addressed properly and resolved.

If we do so, this does not affect your rights to take the matter further with the Legal Ombudsmen.

If you would like us to help please contact us via the contact button above.

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