The Naked Truth

Jan. 29, 2015, 9:30 a.m.

The Truth is divided.

The 12 Ancient Lines leave us a fractured canon. Their accented principles dance around a singular Truth, fragmented across space and time.

Beyond this multifaceted division, which has been the focus of our studies, the Ancient Truth suffers another, more pervasive and insidious obfuscation: ourselves.

Unintentionally, our understanding of the Line’s lessons are restricted by the limits of our perception. Distorted by the lens of our interpretation. As I’ve come to terms with my own false memories of an unlived past, I realized these filters to knowledge weren’t restricted to my personal record. They infected every corner of my mind.

They gutted my intuition. Clouded my instinct.  

Just as the religions of the world share so many underlying themes, they find themselves opposed in their localized expressions. While the ideologies of the East have their analogues in the West, the capitalistic context of “debt and repayment” colors an entire theosophical structure in ways that often pervert the core meaning of its symbolic system.

Our Truth is likewise obscured.  

We must liberate ourselves from the overlay of socially imprinted values and try to experience the 12 Ancient Lines unencumbered. With an elemental purity of awareness, the previously concealed wisdom will be more readily revealed to us.

Past the distinctness of the individual Lines, the Ancient Truth will be made bare.

Letting go of everything you know is frightening, but I’ve got nothing left to lose.

Will you abandon these assumptions with me, Students?

Can we cut to the heart of the Ancient Truth, together?