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Introduction to Personal Computers & the Internet

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Course dates: 4 sessions from Thu May 14 10.00am-1.00pm until Jun 4

Location:  CAE Building B - 253 Flinders Ln

Fees:  $279.00

Concession Fees: $265.00

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SRZ42204 Introduction to Personal Computers & the Internet

If using a computer seems scary, then this practical course will help you with the basics of email and how to set up an account, Google, word processing, spread sheets in Excel, social media – discussing twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, downloading and storing photos and online shopping, both buying and selling (e.g. eBay, gumtree).


Experienced trainer, Sue Ellson will cover the following:
1) How to turn on a computer and not be scared to bits (and create safe passwords)
2) How to set up a Gmail email account so you can access your emails from any location with internet access
3) How to do some basic searches on the internet using Google
4) How to download photos from a camera and save them in an orderly fashion
5) How to create letters and basic documents in MS Word
6) How to create spreadsheets in MS Excel
7) Understand what social media is (discuss Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so that you can interact with television and radio programs)
8) Tips for online shopping (both buying and selling – EBay, Gumtree, Company Websites)

Of course, there will be ample time for students to ask questions on areas of interest during the course.


This course provides students with a solid grounding in basic computer skills allowing them to confidently continue with their computer activities, post-course.


There is no prerequisite for enrolling in this course. No experience is necessary.

Who would find this course useful?

For those with limited or no computer experience keen to obtain a solid grounding in basic skills.

Learning Pathways

CAE offers a wide range of computer based course including courses that focus on iPad, iPhone and Facebook. Please refer to the CAE website for details.

Please phone CAE on 9652 0611 if you require assistance with course selection or have any questions about listed courses.

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