Given the number of items produced by the Church for a variety of gospel-oriented products, the immediate music needs may change often. However, professional-quality music of many types is always needed. Sometimes submitted music will be used in its entirety; other times, only segments will be used. Or, the Church may create an arrangement of submitted music that better meets the needs of a specific project length or treatment.

Ongoing Needs

Recorded Music

  • Arrangements and performances of the public domain list of hymns from the Church's Hymns book and songs from the Children's Songbook. Submissions can be instrumental only or include vocals.
  • Original compositions (submit lyrics and sheet music with recordings if possible).

Sheet Music 

Submit all sheet music through the Church Music Submission. These submissions are reviewed yearly. All items for the annual review must be postmarked by March 31 of each year; award recipients will be notified by July 1. Everyone who submits material will later receive a list of the awards.

Please do not submit:

Music with content problems

  • Music that is inappropriate for Church use.
    • Irreverent music—Light or humorous treatment of sacred hymns, text, or songs from the Children’s Songbook.
    • Negative lyrics, which are contrary to the spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • Music with false or misleading doctrine.
    • Rap or rock music used with hymns or children’s songs.
    • Electric guitars with hymns or children's songs.
  • Low-quality, non-professional vocals or music, as well as recordings that include distortion, noise, clicks, or other technical problems.

Music with legal issues

  • Music that you did not write, compose, arrange, perform, or record.
  • Music without the signed Content Submission Agreement or any applicable Participant Release.
  • Music with copyrighted musical phrasing, performances, lyrics, tunes, melodies, compositions, or recordings.
  • Music for which you do not own the copyright. For example, buying a CD does not give you the copyright to the music on the CD.

Music that is not from the public domain list of the Church Hymns or Children's Songbook. Please note that while you do have the right to use songs taken directly from the listed public domain songs, you do not have the right to use others' arrangement of the songs on those lists.