Curtis Beasley Sr.
                   Death Row, Florida
                             By:  Curtis W. Beasley, Death Row, Raiford, Florida

                      I was arrested for a murder I did not do.
                             I sat for a year, then came two.
                             Finally my trial, such as it was.
                        Innocent doesn't matter, It never does.
                       Twelve jurors listened, but did not here.
             They looked at some pictures, and cried a few tears.
                  The Judge said death ! And put me on the row.
                            Now I sit here , with no place to go.
                         The days are long, the nights are too.
                  I day dream a lot, cause there's nothing to do.
                            Is this the way my life will end ?
                     Strapped in "The Chair", for another's sin.
                        Does anyone care this is "Wrong" ?
                         Can anyone see I don't belong ?
                      Maybe this is how it was meant to be.
                At least two know the truth, The lord and me.

                                              Personal Information :

                                        Name : Curtis Wilkie Beasley Sr.
                                   DOB : January 29, 1949            Age 51
              Place of Birth: Davenport, Florida         Marital Status : Divorced
        Number of Children : two - Amy Lynn Vickers, Curtis Wilkie Beasley Jr.
                         Number of Granchildren : 3 - Carey, Cory, Morgan
                        Miltary: US Army - 1969 - 1972 Honorable Discharge
                        Education: Haines City High School - 1967 - Diploma
                              Troy State University - Troy Alabama - 2 years
                             Employment : Painter - Approximately 20 years

                                        Some of my interests:

(1) John Grisham Books, Jonathan Kellerman Books, Bobert Crais Books
(2) Golf, P.G.A. - Davis Love III, Sr. P.G.A. - Lee Trevino
(3) Baseball - I am a N.Y. Yankee fan.  I have been since 1956, the year Mantle won the triple crown and Don Larson pitched the perfect World Series game.
(4) Football - Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino.


I was wrongfully convicted of murder.  The victim was a friend I had known for seventeen years.  My conviction was based on less than overwhelming circumstantial evidence.  My case has been appealed to the Florida Supreme Court.  I am awaiting their decision now.  I was arrested Jan 17, 1996.  It took two years to get to trial.  I have been on death row since June 3, 1998.   Because my case is presently in the Flrida Supreme Court on appeal, I can not discuss the facts of the case.  Soon as a decision is made I will make available what facts I can to the webpage.    Thank you

Anyone who would like to contribute to my defence fund, can do so by sending a money-order or Cashiers cheque with my name and D.C number (356054) on it to:

                                  Curtis W. Beasley #356054
                                Union Correctional Institution
                                     PO Box 221 P2215 - A1
                                           Raiford, Florida
                                         32083-0221   USA

 Anyone who would like to write for any reason, can use the same address.
I welcome all mail, and I promise to write back.
Thank you
C.W. Beasley

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                                                        PHOTO:  Curtis Beasley and his two children