The Talossan Language

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Talossan language (ISO 639 code tzl), one of the best-known artistic languages in the world. Created in 1980 and developed and expanded tirelessly by its users and custodians, by the year 2000, Talossan was already recognised in the press as one of the most detailed fictional languages ever invented. Now, more than 30 years since its first use, interest in Talossan, with its lexicon of well over 35,000 words (with declensions and conjugations, over 120,000 words are usable in Talossan word games, such as Scrableu), has never been higher.

The material available here on is meant to serve as a useful introduction for those who wish to learn to speak, read, or write Talossan. Here the uma (Talossan enthusiast) can find a basic overview of the features of the language, as well as information on other resources available to assist in gaining an appreciation for, and proficiency in Talossan.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is meant to be informative and accessible, not scholastic and technical. All of the text on this site was adapted directly from a series of lectures given to an English speaking audience with no background in linguistics. For this reason, each subject is introduced by a brief and general discussion of English construction, often without emphasis on grammatical terminology, but simply to introduce the concepts as expressed in Talossan. While this site is specifically geared toward an English-speaking audience, it is hoped that it proves useful (through translation or by using English as a second language) to learners from other linguistic backgrounds.

This Website is maintained by the Association of Talossan Language Organisations, which is ready to assist you on your journey into el bel glheþ (the beautiful Talossan language). Your introduction to Talossan can continue using any of the links at the top of this page.