RICHARD KAY: Queen of the WAGs cries foul

Two years after ex-footballer Jason Cundy kicked his wife into touch following his affair with an opera singer, the former Chelsea star turned commentator has been granted a divorce in the High Court.  

But in an extraordinary turn of events, it is his despairing wife, Lizzie, who finds herself being blamed for the marriage break-up.

Father-of-two Cundy, 42, who  has now set up home with his mistress,  mezzo-soprano Hannah Pedley, 35, has been given a decree nisi on the grounds of Lizzie’s unreasonable behaviour.

But Lizzie, dubbed the Queen of the WAGs and who has two sons aged 18 and 11 by Jason, is astonished at the decision.

Football player Jason Cundy has now been granted a divorce by the high court from his wife Lizzie 'Queen of WAGs'

Football player Jason Cundy has now been granted a divorce by the high court from his wife Lizzie 'Queen of WAGs'

‘I am really, really upset about this,’ she tells me. ‘My husband commits adultery with some singer and yet I get blamed.

‘He was the one who got caught out, but I am the one who is accused of unreasonable behaviour. I feel like he’s winning again.’

Lizzie who found out about Cundy’s affair through her sons, says: ‘Can you imagine anything more difficult for my boys? I cry when I think about it.’

Lizzie, 43, who was married to the TalkSport broadcaster for 17 years, claims the twist came because Cundy put in his divorce petition first. ‘I didn’t act quickly enough,’ she says. ‘But, quite frankly, the boys and I were in a state of grieving at the time.

‘Later, I tried to counter-claim but I was told that it didn’t really make any difference and that the marriage had simply irrevocably broken down.’

Of the unreasonable behaviour claim, she says: ‘Jason felt that I put too much of my efforts and energy into my TV career, although he wanted me to work to begin with.

‘He had testicular cancer and I nursed him through the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, plus there was six months when he couldn’t walk because of a football injury. That all seems to have been forgotten.’

Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark was one of the first BBC employees to give evidence to the Pollard Review, the inquiry set up to discover why the current affairs show axed a report into Jimmy Savile. But a source tells me many at the BBC are scratching their heads over Wark’s involvement.  She played no part in the original Savile investigation and is not believed to have spoken publicly about it. The source says: ‘It’s understood she asked to speak to Nick Pollard rather than being called to do so.’ Perhaps she thought her evidence might save ex-DG George Entwistle. Wark and Entwistle are good friends.

Now Emma draws a Bath

Engaging: Emma McQuiston

Engaging: Emma McQuiston

In a labyrinthine plot worthy of Downton Abbey, Britain’s most eccentric aristocrat, the Marquess of Bath, will soon be welcoming a  future chatelaine to his stately home, Longleat.

For Lord Bath’s son and heir, Ceawlyn Thynne, who has the courtesy title Viscount Weymouth, has become engaged to his aunt’s sister-in-law, a beautiful, aspiring actress whom he has known since she was four.

Two weeks after I revealed that Ceawlyn, 38, was stepping out with striking Emma McQuiston, 26, he has now proposed and presented her with a large solitaire diamond ring.

Although they have been planning their wedding, which will be at Longleat next year, Ceawlyn wanted to find the ring first before popping the question. 

‘He looked round all the best jewellers, including Tiffany,’ says a friend. ‘And when he finally found the right ring, they got engaged over the weekend.’

This week the couple are in New York where Ceawlyn, who runs his father’s 9,500-acre Wiltshire estate, is pursuing other business interests.

Emma’s mother, Suzanna McQuiston, tells me: ‘We couldn’t be happier.’

Suzanna’s son, Iain, 50, is married to Ceawlin’s aunt Silvy. Suzannah went on to have Emma 24 years later from another relationship with Oxford-educated Nigerian businessman Ladi Jadesimi.

‘Emma has known Ceawlyn all her life,’ says Suzanna. ‘She was a bridemaid at Silvy and Iain’s wedding.’

Director Michael Winterbottom’s film based on the life of Soho porn and property baron Paul Raymond has not been without mishap. The movie, which stars Steve Coogan, was originally called The King Of Soho, but Raymond’s son, Howard, objected because that was the title of his own film on his father.

British film director Michael Winterbottom new film was meant to be called The King of Soho

British film director Michael Winterbottom new film was meant to be called The King of Soho

Then just as it seemed Winterbottom had found a solution after changing it to The Look Of Love, a Hollywood movie of the same name, starring Annette Bening and Robin Williams, is due for release next year.  Says a bemused Howard: ‘Carry On Soho would be a far more appropriate title for the film.’

Olympia makes an entrance

Despite naming his second child Force, banking scion Matthew Mellon has chosen a more classical moniker for his new-born daughter.

Yesterday, he and second wife Nicole Hanley were celebrating the arrival of Olympia, who was born in a Manhattan hospital on Sun-day, weighing in at 6lb 3oz.

Nicole Hanley and baby Olympia

Nicole Hanley and baby Olympia

The birth coincides with a new business opportunity for Matthew. Juggling his role as chairman of the New York Republican Party’s Finance Committee, he has just been appointed a director of California film production company Medient Studios.

Two years ago, Force, the couple’s first child — Mellon has a daughter, Minty, nine, by first wife Tamara — was born during a blizzard, but smoother weather greeted little Olympia.

‘Matthew and Nicole are over the moon,’ says a friend.

Roger Moore as James Bond in For Your Eyes Only

Roger Moore as James Bond in For Your Eyes Only

As James Bond, he took part in a thrilling downhill chase in For Your Eyes Only, but at the grand old  age of 85, Sir Roger Moore has finally hung up his skis.

Moore and his fourth wife, Kristina, live in Monaco in the summer, and winter in the Swiss resort of Crans Montana, where Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie, spent a season as a chalet girl.

‘It’s beautiful and we wanted a resort with lots of snow, as we skied then,’ says Sir Roger. ‘I’ve given it up now as there are too many snowboarders whizzing around and, at my age, the last thing you need is to be knocked over by one of them!’

PS TV luminarieS paid a final farewell to former News At Ten star Sir Alastair Burnet yesterday. Among the familiar names at the veteran broadcaster’s memorial service at St Martin-in-the Fields were Selina Scott, who recalled how Burnet lured her to ITN in 1982 over a glass of whisky, and BBC heavyweight David Dimbleby, who admitted to an almost lifelong rivalry with Sir Alastair. Despite the solemnity of the occasion, the current crisis at the Beeb couldn’t help but intrude. ‘People seem to think I’m in the running for Director General, but I am not,’ Dimbleby tells me. ‘I need it like a hole in the head.’


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