Here's something to keep you busy, Jeremy! Britain's biggest private car collection set to go on sale - with Clarkson and his rumoured replacement Chris Evans expected to be among the bidders 

After recently discovering he may a little more time on his hands, Clarkson is said to be among motoring enthusiasts that will bid on items in a private car collection of 150 cars, 60 motorbikes, a gyrocopter and even a Soviet rocket launcher. Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans could also be bidding on the massive collection. While the disc jockey has emphatically ruled out taking the helm of Top Gear, there may be little love lost between the two presenters. Puncturing rumours he had been offered the top job on the BBC cash-cow Evans did say the motoring could carry on without Clarkson.

Honda makes a splash as it unveils new-look Civic prototype in garish green at the New York Motor Show

The good news for Britain is that the five-door hatchback version will be built exclusively at the Japanese giant's Swindon factory. Twenty-four hours earlier, Honda announced that the Wiltshire works would benefit from a £200million investment. Just over half of the vehicles produced there are exported to the continent. But when the factory moves to dedicated Civic production next year, about 50 per cent of production will be exported to key markets outside Europe. The next-gen Civic is set to be unveiled at next spring's Geneva Motor Show before going into production later that year.

Jaguar launches its new second-generation XF compact sports saloon with high-wire drive over London's Docklands

In a stunt worthy of the latest Bond film Spectre - for which the firm is supplying many of the cars - the XF (pictured) was revealed in a dramatic stunt high over the Royal Dock in Canary Wharf.

New 'green' BMW X5 xDrive40e can be recharged at home and switches between petrol and electric power while on the move


Just as George Osborne ratcheted up company car tax for thousands of motorists, German giant BMW unveiled its new 'budget buster' - its first mainstream plug-in petrol-electric hybrid SUV.

Mitsubishi's new baby XR-PHEV II prototype - set to outsell its big brother as a company car thanks to its massive tax advantages

Mitsubishi?s Outlander - The prototype XR-PHEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicle) II

The Outlander PHEV can be charged overnight at home, run on electric-only power or operate in hybrid mode, switching between petrol and electric power, depending on which is most efficient.

James Bond's favourite car-maker has unveiled the radical new family-friendly Aston Martin DBX at Geneva Motor Show

Aston Martin DBX Concept  Hand out image

The new prototype is a two-door 'crossover' aimed at young families but the final version will be a four-door petrol-electric hatchback crossover. It includes a permanent integrated child seat.

Traffic jams in major UK cities 'worsened considerably' last year with Belfast and London topping the list for gridlock

In the worst-congested cities, evening rush-hour journeys are taking more than 70 per cent longer than they would in free-flowing traffic, according to data by TomTom.

Aston Martin to lead the British supercars at Geneva Motor Show next week with the new two-seater Vulcan

New Aston Martin Vulcan.

Hand Out Picture
Ray Massey story

962419_Aston Martin Vulcan_01.jpg

The new two-seater Aston Martin Vulcan will set you back £1.8million. The V12 engine is the equivalent of eight Ford Fiestas. The Vulcan will reach top speeds of 200mph and 0-60mph in three seconds.

Careful you don't skid! More than £20million-worth of the world's fastest supercars brave torrential rain and mud for annual 'secret' get-together 

Owners of some of the world's most sought-after supercars braved torrential rain and mud to show off their vehicles at an annual invitation-only event. A Porsche 918 Spyder, a rose gold Ferrari 458 (front car, bottom right) and a Jaguar Xj220S (bottom row, centre) were among the 200 high-performance cars on show at the 'Secret Supercar Meet', held at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome and Proving Ground, Leicestershire, on Sunday. The get-together, organised by supercar owners club Supercar Driver, raised nearly £5,000 for Bluebell Wood Children's Hospital in Sheffield, which offers care and support to children with shortened life expectancy. Bottom left, Three hypercars by Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg.

Could this finally be the end for potholes? Smart van predicts road damage on Boston streets before it has even formed

Researchers at Northeastern University in Boston have created a van that uses sensors and cameras to map the roads in fine detail (left). The system works by using a sensor to records changes in air pressure inside the tyre as it travels over bumps. A microphone picks up the noises of the road (top right), while a radar scans the area between the wheels to look for pockets of air beneath the pavement. The data is used alongside an aerial map of a city, colour-coding each of the streets to reveal the worst pothole-hit areas (bottom right).

Top Gear boss sends 'au revoir' message to staff suggesting he is quitting the show after Jeremy Clarkson was sacked 

Mr Wilman, a schoolfriend of Clarkson who helped revamp Top Gear in to the BBC's most successful show, congratulated staff on making 'one of the most iconic programmes in TV history'.

Nearly silent electric or hybrid cars 'are a risk to pedestrians': Walkers 40% more likely to be involved in accident

An electric car being recharged by a Juice Point in Wilton Street, central London. Business Secretary Peter Mandelson and Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon launched a package of measures for low carbon cars in the UK to incentivize consumers to buy electric cars . PRESS  ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday April 16, 2009. Consumers could receive incentives of between £2,000 and £5,000 to buy an electric car from 2011, the Government announced today. Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon said the initiative - part of the Government's low-carbon transport plan - would mean an electric car was a real option for motorists. He announced the five-year initiative with Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who said that low-carbon vehicles would play a key role in cutting emissions. In the plan, announced in Scotland today, consumer incentives would be introduced to coincide with the expected mass introduction of electric and plug-in hybrid (part electric, part petrol) cars to the market. See PA sto

There has been a 54 per cent increase in pedestrians being hit by electric or hybrid cars, with the visually impaired being worst affected, according to a report from the Guide Dogs charity.

Cars that automatically call for help set to become law from 2018: EU rules demand all makers to install emergency 'black boxes'

The European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee voted in favour of the draft rules on Tuesday. They are set to become law April. BMW i3 with eCall is shown.

Auto repairman led cops on 176mph chase in his illegal Japanese race car until his engine exploded

Robert Bell was arrested near Williamsburg, Kansas, after allegedly leading highway patrol troopers and deputies on 20-minute chase in his Nissan Skyline GTR.

Woman killed in fiery crash after husband drove car off 40-foot bridge because his GPS didn't know the span was closed

A driver may have been blindly following GPS navigation when he plunged off the ramp to a demolished Chicago bridge, killing his wife.
Zohra Hussain, 51, died of burns after the car she was in burst into flames following the horrific 38-foot drop Saturday morning. 
The scorched vehicle was discovered on property owned by BP Amoco. The victim?s 64-year-old husband, Iftikhar Hussain, survived the fall and was able to escape the burning car. 
Mr Hussain was taken to Methodist Hospital Northlake Hospital in stable condition. 
Lake County Sheriff?s Department spokeswoman Patricia Van Til says the road is clearly marked with numerous barricades including orange barrels and cones, large wood signs stating 'Road Closed' with orange striped markings and concrete barriers across the road.
The deadly crash took place at around 9.30am at the Riley Road exit on southbound Cline Avenue. The ramp has been closed since 2009. 
According to police, the Hussains were apparently on their way to visit rel

Zohra Hussain, 51, died of burns after the car her husband was driving plunged off a demolished bridge in Chicago and burst into flames. Iftikhar Hussain, 64, survived the fall and escaped the car.

CHRIS EVANS: Throatier than an Aston Martin. Whooshier than a V8. And (at only £56,175!) a quarter of the price of a Ferrari 488. BMW's petrol-swilling monster is absolutely M4gnificent!

I've said before how dubious I am of all the fill-in models that car manufacturers seem to be making these days, but the M4 does seem to be visually more of a wow than the M3.

Renault to release new 'Kadjar', crossover vehicle, in hopes of drawing customers away from Nissan's top-selling Qashqai


French giant, Renault, will release new model to Brits in autumn although it will go on sale on the continent in the summer. Renault bosses say it's aimed at those with an adventurous spirit.

CHRIS EVANS: Yes, Land Rover's luxury off-roader is awesome. But with an even better engine round the corner, it might make sense to postpone your... voyage of Discovery

The moment she arrived for test week it was obvious she's raw, she's ready and people are ready for her. In fact, more than that, they seemed to be expecting her.

Ford's stupendous new GT supercar looks set to challenge Ferrari in the race for peak performance

The new Ford GT is introduced at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, January 12, 2015. Ford plans to begin production of the supercar in 2016. AFP PHOTO/GEOFF ROBINS        (Photo credit should read GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)

The new model is predicted to sell for a quarter of a million pounds. The two-seater was designed by Scot Moray Callum and unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show ahead of going into production.

Will Google's self driving cars have airbags on the OUTSIDE to protect pedestrians? 

An early version of Google's prototype of a self-driving car at an undisclosed location.  

Google has designed a vehicle that requires no steering wheel, no pedals and no driver. The internet technology giant said in a blog post on 27 May 2014, that 100 prototypes of the electric two-seaters that will still retain manual controls will be built and tested for safety beginning in mid 2014. Google has worked for years to develop self-driving cars that use sensors and computers to navigate streets, but the blog post confirmed speculation that it was manufacturing its own vehicles rather just modifying those made by other carmakers.  

An undated handout picture released by Google on 28 May 2014.


Google's self driving car could have airbags both inside and  out, a new patent granted to the Mountain View firm has revealed.

A tractor fit for Mad Max: Rugged machine carves up 150 acres of land in a day and can plough round the clock

The US-made tractor is guided by GPS and steers with an accuracy over the ground of less than an inch, meaning there is no overlapping and it can be driven in perfectly straight lines.

The ultimate window seat! Airbus files patent for interactive plane windows so passengers can tap and learn about sights below

Airbus have filed a patent for high-tech touchscreen windows. Guests will be able to tap on landmarks to learn about the buildings and areas below, as they soar through the skies.