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Make Some Mini Tissue Poms and Flower Gift Toppers

PaperPomGiftToppers DIYPaperPoms Mini Tissue Poms PinkTissueFlower Tissue Paper Flower Gift Topper Did everyone have a wonderful Easter? My loft was bursting with family Sunday morning. My sister and I made a tasty breakfast while our four teens hunted for 125 filled Easter eggs. I think we may have had as much fun filling and hiding as they did finding the eggs. To continue with the sweet pastel, fluffy bunny tail and spring flower theme, (I am just not quite ready to be done with Easter) today I am going to give you a quick and easy tutorial on how to make these tissue mini poms or flower gift toppers. You may be seeing these poms show up again for party decoration in a future post. . . they are just too cute! I am seeing a perfect decoration for baby showers, bridal showers, princess parties and even Mother’s Day. So let’s pull out all that leftover tissue and make some of these pretty mini poms! ~ Lia

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Tissue Mini Pom Tutorial Craft sources for this project: Tissue Paper | Scissors | The Twinery Baker’s Twine | Washi Tape | Hole Punch

  1. So much easier than the other tutorials I’ve seen…. i plan to use these to make napkin rings.

  2. Super, je fais essayer, j’espère pourvoir le réaliser aussi beau

  3. You have to have one incredible pair of scissors to be able to cut the huge pile of paper you’ll end up with! Darn!!!!

  4. This is lovely. I plan to make a wreath with lots of this pretty flowers. Thanks a bunch.

  5. So Springy. I am going to try this on my daughter’s birthday package. Thanks

  6. Bought paper for the wedding gift…but of course forgot the bow. Your tutorial really saved me some last minute wrapping strife. The bonus is that the flowers look a million times better than a store-bought topper. Thanks for the lovely tutorial!

    • I love adding this kind of topper to a gift! Check out my gift wrapping section in the ideas tab for more inspiration too. The sky is the limit.

  7. Hello, Lia.
    Coming back to show you that I’ve already tried these beautiful flowers. You can see them here: Thank you again for sharing all this beauty for free!

  8. Thank you so very much Lia! Nice to meet you here! It’s such a privilege to learn from you. I am so excited to try out the pom pom :) Moreover, I will be glad to look at your other creations & learn more !
    Mei Li, Singapore

  9. I’m thrilled to discover your website. Just really excited to try your crafts. Lovely, lovely flowers.

    I think I will be frequenting your blog.

    Thanks so much.


  10. You make it look and sound easy, and the instructions are crystal clear. Thanks for sharing your ingenuity!

  11. Loving everything on your blog so far. Such great ideas for all those parties that I have coming up.

  12. These are wonderful! What a simple, ingenious idea to brighten up gift-wrapping.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Handimania has been at it again…

    They featured you here: – they mentioned you and also linked back (and this time, they didn’t slap their own logo onto the photos like they do with everyone else, wow), but I saw they removed text from your images. :(

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  14. this is an awesome and cute idea

  15. Lia, thank you so much for the simple and beautiful idea! These are the perfect compliment to a gift box!

  16. These flowers are so easy to make and the result just perfect!!thank u so much for your amazing ideas!

  17. I have not tried your tutorial for these paper poms yet but I will this weekend when I have some “me” time. They are so adorable and I cannot wait to give it a try, thank you very much for sharing it <3

  18. I used your technique to make a cute flower for my sandals :) Have a look at the link! Thank you for the lovely idea!

  19. nice tutotial and will give it a try :)

  20. Very cute! I’ll definitely be making these. Thank you for the tutorial.

  21. Thanks for this sooooo awesome tutorial!!! It’s first on my list tomorrow!!! But what about BIG ones?? How to do that?

  22. On a cold miserable April day in England, I found this tutorial on Pinterest, so my daughter and I had a go. So simple and yet so delightful. Thank you for brightening our day. If you want to see the end product, take a look at, where I give you a name check! Kind regards, Jane

  23. I love how these flowers look on the mini gift boxes. Wonder if these can be made out of fabric to make brooches and hair clips.

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